Wolkify Launches First E-Commerce Platform Solely for Personal Growth

Wolkify offers content and products that help users develop further. On a completely user-driven platform everyone can find the resources they need to advance in their personal development area.

Stockholm, Sweden, October 07, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Wolkify AB, a start-up from Stockholm, Sweden, has opened its virtual doors for users. After successfully completing the development phase of its Personal Growth Platform it now allows everyone who is passionate about Personal Growth to offer their content and products on https://wolkify.com.

Users can share their insights through own blogs, can interact with personal development enthusiasts all around the world, can find mentors and are even able to sell their own products and services. All with one free account, all on one site. The only criteria is that everything offered on the site must have exceptional value for the growth of the users.

“I wanted to create something with depth,” says founder and CEO Moritz Schröder (29). “I wanted content that is not just clickbait. I wanted products that are not just for mass consumption. And I wanted a company that makes an actual attempt to make peoples’ lives better. Wolkify is all that.”

While Wolkify right now is primarily targeting the Scandinavian market, it plans to branch out in the near future. The entire service is designed for an english-speaking audience with the clear intent to reach the Anglo-American countries. “I expect massive worldwide growth in the personal development field for the upcoming years,” says Moritz. “People are doing better than ever financially, they have more stuff, and yet so many are not happy with their lives. They more and more come to realise that for a truly successful life, you need to have all areas in order: your social life, professional life, your health, your mind and soul. Neglect one of them and you lose in all.”

Wolkify made it its mission to help people grow into the person they want to be. By doing that Wolkify is certain they will be able to grow as a company as well.

To learn more about Wolkify AB, its recent launch and its obnoxious future goals, contact Moritz Schröder via email, moritz.schroeder@wolkify.com, or visit the website at https://wolkify.com.

About Wolkify AB:
Wolkify is a Start-Up based in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in August 2017. Its online platform allows users to write their own personal growth-related Blogs, share insights and communicate with an active community. Furthermore users have the possibility to sell their own products and courses directly on the site.
Wolkify AB
Moritz Schroeder