Real Time Feedback Platform Pay Compliment Releases New Features to Foster Frequent Feedback Habits

In the trend to introduce continuous coaching and real time employee feedback the most difficult step is to break old habits of feedback famine, and form new ones that foster regular feedback interactions between co-workers. Today Pay Compliment is pleased to introduce the Network Strength indicator; a dynamic measure of individual employee feedback effectiveness.

Sydney, Australia, October 08, 2017 --( Today's release of the Network Strength indicator will make it easier for organizations to create and sustain a feedback rich culture where employees take accountability for their own high performance and professional development.

In addressing one of the most difficult aspects of continuous coaching conversations the Network Strength indicator dynamically measures the extent to which each employee has (or has not) formed a healthy feedback habit.

The growing trend to replace or augment traditional annual performance reviews with continuous feedback makes light of the difficult cultural change involved to get employees used to the idea of frequent feedback interactions.

When implemented effectively real time feedback can improve business results by upwards of 30% when employees are continuously aligned and doing their best work every day.

However, many organizations are not achieving anything like this due to both poor initial take up of coaching conversations and, rapid reversion by managers to the 'feedback famine' that has for so long been the norm.

"Employees deserve better feedback but they have to overcome their own initial inhibitions in order to build a new feedback habit," says David Perks CEO and Founder of Pay Compliment.

The Network Strength indicator is a simple way for customers to self-assess the health of their feedback habit on a daily basis.

The measure combines 4 aspects of behavior into one simple indicator. In the past 30 day period;
- Has the user provided feedback to someone?
- Has the user received feedback from someone?
- Has the user diversified the sources of their feedback to include new people?
- Has the user dialogued their feedback with someone?

“If employees practice these 4 behaviors regularly within a continuous feedback initiative, there is a much higher likelihood of success,” says Perks.

The beauty of the measure is that it is entirely within each individual’s control. There is no unfair advantage based on seniority, type of role, location or any other aspect of an employee’s situation.

Because everyone has the opportunity for a perpetual perfect score with their Network Strength, Pay Compliment are laying down the challenge for users to maintain full Network Strength results from now until Christmas.

“We’ve been asked if there is a prize for this challenge, and our answer is yes and everybody maintaining perfect Network Strength wins. Their prize is better awareness of strengths, contribution, personal growth and the satisfaction of being among a group of co-workers vested in each other’s’ success,” Perks says.

Beyond advanced support for real time feedback, the Pay Compliment platform also provides tools for goal tracking, 360 review, employee and customer survey, stay surveys, exit surveys, scheduled check in reports, and anonymous feedback.
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