The UK Department of Health is Transforming the Healthcare Research Industry Through Software. And It’s a Bulgarian Company That’s Making It All Happen.

Sofia, Bulgaria, October 08, 2017 --( The healthcare industry has always been in the public eye. Society often focuses on accusing Governments for slowing down progress, and organisations for inflating costs. The UK Government, however, is working hard on changing this perception. By teaming up with BGO Software’s experienced developers it is now redesigning the healthcare sector and allowing technology to make processes faster, easier, and more economical. The first stage of this latest project was completed in only nine months, saving the taxpayer millions of pounds.

Recently two new systems have been implemented aiming to advance the health research industry. HARP is an ethical review process system for Health & Social Care Research, while IRAS generates all forms that researchers and authorised bodies need for obtaining approvals for their study to open in the NHS. The systems are implemented to ease the process of communication between research organisations, ethical committees, and governmental structures by allowing the digitalisation of the necessary paperwork, as well as structuring the procedures and reducing timeframes. The goal is to speed up pharmaceutical development and ultimately save the lives of millions.

Both software systems were developed by BGO Software – a Bulgarian IT firm which is a leading provider of sophisticated custom solutions for the healthcare industry.

“When we embarked on the project we were aware that it was going to be challenging, but I am sure we never anticipated quite how much work had been embodied and needed to be replaced,” said Jonathan Bell, Architecture and Systems Manager, Health Research Authority. “You (BGO Software) should be very proud of your efforts, as we are, and realise that there are not many technical teams that could have achieved what you did. Furthermore, I think it is important that the team relates the achievement to real-world impact. HARP and e-submission (IRAS) pave the way for a much more streamlined and effective service for researchers. Those changes will lead directly to improvements in healthcare and quality of life for many individuals around the world.”

Thus far HARP is already benefiting more than 50,000 experts from the Health Research Authority of the Department of Health, the NHS RECs, and the Devolved Administrations in the United Kingdom. IRAS has more than 200,000 registered users, 150,000 successfully integrated clinical studies and 100,000 electronically authorised trials.

“Although complexity within the healthcare industry is inevitable nowadays, software can ease processes and minimise costs dramatically,” says Ivan Lekushev, CEO of BGO Software. “What we managed to achieve with the UK Department of Health benefits researchers and other directly involved parties, but it also saves millions of pounds for the taxpayer. This initiative of the British Government is admirable and should serve as an example to authorities around the world. The digitalisation of processes and procedures is not only recommended; it is needed by people and industries across all sectors of business.”
Kaloyana Milinova