Arva Sweden Combines Tradition with Trends - Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Introduce the Swedish Heritage to the World

Stockholm based company, Arva Sweden’s reward based crowdfunding campaign for a jewelry collection has launched; Even though the company focuses on products inspired by traditional Scandinavian folk art and folklore from the 17th to the 19th century, it’s a match to at least three major current trends according to Faith Popcorn; Anchoring, Small indulgences and EVEolution.

Stockholm, Sweden, October 10, 2017 --( A Set of Three in Trends for Crowdfunding Campaign

Arva Sweden's crowdfunding campaign has launched on Kickstarter. It features the company's first jewelry collection called "Love Carvings" and is inspired by carvings pattern that decorated wooden love gifts for over 300 years. But even though Arva Sweden’s focus is Swedish folk art and folklore from the 1700-1900's, traditions in a new form go hand in hand with current trends.

Founder Pia Ankner says:
"The most obvious connection is to what trend guru Faith Popcorn calls ‘anchoring’. Going back to our roots, both geographically and emotionally and taking what was secure from the past to help us navigate in life today and make us ready for the future."

The two other trends that match the business idea are, "Small Indulgences," rewarding oneself with affordable luxury goods and "EVEolution," the female, more relationship-based way of doing business. And the building of relations is certainly facilitated by crowdfunding.

"Reward-based crowdfunding has the potential to reach a large audience and provide a network of partners, customers and brand ambassadors. People who appreciate Scandinavian design and the story behind our brand reside both in and outside our country. Of course, the money is welcome, but the opportunities to connect internationally thanks to the exposure that the Kickstarter platform gives, is the greatest profit," Pia Ankner concludes.

The campaign is live on the website until November 5th.

Link to the campaign:

Arva Sweden is focused on sharing the Swedish cultural heritage in new modern forms. The designs of the handcrafted silver jewelry are inspired by Swedish folk art and folklore mainly from the Romantic era. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. | Instagram: @arvasweden | FB ArvaSweden
Arva Sweden
Pia Ankner
Pia Ankner founder

Pia Ankner founder

Portrait of Arva Swedens Founder Pia Ankner

Mini Compass pendant

Mini Compass pendant

Jewelry from the Love Carvings collection. Inspired by wood carving patterns that were used to decorate wooden love gifts for over 300 years in Sweden.

Love Carvings collection cover

Love Carvings collection cover

Model wearing some of the collection pieces

Mixed carvings bracelet

Mixed carvings bracelet

Bracelet from the Love Carvings collection