File Savers Data Recovery Opens New Office in Chicago Illinois

Chicago will benefit from a high end data recovery service provider who can help businesses and individuals recover important data from failed hard drives, RAIDs, and other storage devices.

Chicago, IL, October 11, 2017 --( File Savers recently opened several new locations in major cities across the country, making File Savers one of the largest data recovery companies in the United States. Now with labs in almost every state in the country, File Savers is stepping up and taking charge of the data recovery world.

Started in 2014 out of a basement, File Savers was a one man show. Focusing on key, but often overlooked factors such as customer service, low rates, and a can-do attitude, Brent Jackson soon left the basement and set up a lab in Montana. After a short time, Jackson's began hiring highly trained data recovery technicians to aid him as the company quickly grew. Today the company looks nothing like it did at its establishment. With sixty labs and many dedicated employees, File Savers works tirelessly around the clock to ensure a great experience for each customer. Their specialized engineers, class 100 clean room, and their top of the line data recovery technology guarantee that they are one of the most advanced data recovery companies in America.

For those with limited knowledge on the topic, data recovery is the process of retrieving lost, corrupted, inaccessible, or damaged data from storage devices when such devices have failed. These devices include hard drives, flash drives, SD cards, and RAID servers. With such minuscule equipment to work with, data recovery can be extremely difficult, time consuming, and costly. Yet, File Savers is successful 95%-98% of the time at reclaiming not just crucial information, but all or almost all data from the media devices received. This includes data from all operating systems. Even natural disasters prove to be no match for the crew at File Savers. The team has now successfully recovered data from many drives that have been caught in floods and fires.

File Savers starts the data recovery process by first working with a customer to decide how best to move forward. Data recovery pricing is universally based on the type of storage, storage capacity, the extent of the damage, and the speed of recovery. Since no one can accurately discover how badly a drive is damaged without first opening it up, File Savers has opted to evaluate each case free of charge. Upon evaluation, a quote is given to the customer based upon the above credentials. If one is in need of fast service, File Savers offers 24/7 emergency recovery as well as a 2-5 day rush service. For those who are not in a hurry, a standard service and a budget service is also available; this allows each customer to retrieve their data at a cost affordable to them. File Savers prides itself on their low prices-in comparison to other data recovery companies-while still offering an exceptional level of service.

File Savers understands that in this day and age data (images, email, files, music, video, etc.) is the crux of business life and is a major part of each individual's personal life. With only about thirty data recovery companies in America, File Savers is seeking to help people at a local level. As Chicago is one of the most populated cities in America, File Savers has decided that it is about time that its doors were opened to the Land of Lincoln.


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