NewFilmmakers Los Angeles October Film Festival

Join NFMLA on October 21st, 2017 as the festival presents genre cinema with an edition of InFocus: European Horror, Sci-Fi & Thrillers. The festival includes short films from France, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.

Los Angeles, CA, October 12, 2017 --( The program lineup is as follows:

A New York Love Story - Directed by Patrick Ortman

Helmed by award-winning director Patrick Ortman, this visually rich, character-focused, zero-dialogue film is a very personal story of loss, redemption, and perspective. ’A New York Love Story’ has played at almost a dozen film festivals throughout North America and Europe.

Wednesday - Directed by Safi Amsellem

It’s Wednesday. School is off. 9 year old Samuel is supposed to spend the day with his mother. Unfortunately, a work emergency prevents her from keeping him with her. Samuel will have to spend the day in the insane asylum where his father works.

Andrew - Directed by Charles W. Miller

New android office assistant Andrew struggles to retain his exuberant personality despite his coworkers expectations for him to be a more ’traditional’ robot, and ominous threats from his boss to tone it down.

Charles attended American University in Washington, D.C. where he studied jazz performance and film production. After graduating in 2011 he moved to LA where his first project would come to be a webseries called "86’d."

Dada - Directed by Maria Luna

A young reporter gets kidnapped and forced into prostitution with two other Kenyan girls.

Maria has acted in movies like I.D Starship Rising and The Sheriff and has been in production on films such as Palo Alto, Rabi Dan Gets a Night Job and Journey of a Female Comic.

Erosion - Directed by Christoffer Glans

The story of a young girl’s struggle to find a peace of mind.

Christoffer has primarily worked as an editor but has also worked as a cinematographer, screenwriter and director. Currently he’s working on two feature length projects.

ANTENNA - Directed by Carsten Woke

Set in an old-school amateur radio world, a lonely 11-year-old-boy gets in contact with an alien via his old radio-transmitter in this sci-fi drama. Or is the alien only a lonely old man?

Generation Mars - Directed by Alexander Armas Turpin

Astrid is one of the winners of Generation Mars: A reality show sending the first humans to Mars, never to return. Everything is set for her to leave, except one thing. Astrid must say goodbye to everything she loves.

Alexander Turpin studied Film Directing at The National Film School of Norway in Lillehammer. His thesis film was a Student Academy Award Nominee.

Ophelia - Directed by Anthony Garland

A young woman’s insecurities manifest as a surreal job interview goes awry.

Anthony developed a passion for Theatre whilst studying at Eton College (alumni include Eddie Redmayne, Damien Lewis, Dominic West and Tom Hiddleston). Anthony has worked on music videos from award winning artists like Lana Del Ray and The Veronicas.

Angel - Directed by Gregory Casares

The world of humans and the world of animals don’t mix! Until that evening, at the masked ball organized by Eva’s father in honor of his daughter.

Gregory, born in Geneva, Switzerland has worked as a filmmaker since 2015 and graduated from Lausanne University of Art and Design.

Frigid - Directed by Joe Kicak

Exhausted by her newborn, a first-time mother’s home becomes a trap as her husband’s sinister intentions emerge.

Frigid was created with the generous participation of the Canada Council for the Arts Ontario Arts Council as well as the Toronto Arts Council. Joe is currently in development with CBC for a digital original series.

Drip - Directed by Christopher West

A young woman moves into a new apartment and wakes up the next day to find a picture on her phone of her sleeping.

Chris attended the University of Alabama and went on to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. While at USC, Chris directed his first professional project, a Google sponsored film, "The Shadow."

Rosie, Oh - Directed by Andy Koeger

An unsupervised little girl goes looking for her lost dog, only to find something else unexpectedly lost.

Andy has previously worked with the Grammy-winners The Alabama Shakes and received artistic sponsorship by the National YoungArts Foundation.

Crossroads - Directed by Uri Brito

A desperate mother racing against time meets a stranger who offers to help her, but at what cost?

Hush - Directed by Michael Foster

A single mother struggles to raise her 8 year-old son, Caleb, who seems to be going out of his way to make her life a living hell.

Michael’s professional career began with working on the show Silk Stalkings, Renegade as well as the Showtime movie, The Tiger Woods Story. He’s also shot and edited videos for Sony, Marvel, Lucasfilms and more.

The Night Shift - Directed by Adam Gold

Peter’s first shift on the overnight crew of a dystopian orphanage takes on a new reality when he’s asked to perform his duties.

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