Fah Mai Holdings INC. Investing in Rare Whisky

Fah Mai Holdings INC invest in the worlds rarest and most collectable single malt whiskies.

Bangkok, Thailand, October 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Fah Mai Holdings INC have set out to change the way they invest in whisky.

Currently preparing to take the company public on the OTC: BB in the USA, FMH plan to collect the worlds most valuable collection of rare whisky and to let you invest in it.

Investing in whisky is nothing new and with the rare whisky market breaking records for sales and prices year after year it is hardly surprising that there is so much interest in it.

CEO of Fah Mai Holdings, Louis Haseman explained what's unique about Fah Mai Holdings INC. "We know investing in whisky is nothing new, collectors and savvy investors have been doing it for years, and previous investment funds have been very successful in recent years."

"However all the investment options we've seen in the past have been run through closed-end funds, often with a minimum buy-in of around a quarter of a million dollars. We want to make our investment more accessible, that's why we've taken the decision to list the company so everyone can get involved. Not just millionaires."

By taking the company to market FMH plan on getting more people investing in whisky and allowing them to do so at lower amounts than they would have to commit currently.

"If you want to get involved in the whisky market today, you can put 250K into a closed-end fund or you can start your own collection.

"However, if you're not much of a whisky fan or just don't know what would be a good bottle to invest in, that might put you off. Where do you start?"

"So by allowing people to buy a share of our collection they can get involved in the whisky market but they get to invest in hundreds or thousands of bottles."

The rare whisky market has seen a stratospheric rise in value over recent years, with a market valuation of £2.1 million back in 2012 rising to £14.2 million at the end of 2016.

This is in part due to the number of bottles coming to auction with just 14,000 bottles being sold back in 2012 compared to 58,000 in 2016 and also the rise in the average price per bottle from £205 to £241 over the same period of time.

"Average bottle prices are already up on last year’s figures at £286 a bottle, so we're pretty confident that this year will be another record breaker," concluded Mr Haseman.

Fah Mai Holdings INC are currently offering a private placement to accredited investors but are planning to be trading on the OTC: BB by the new year subject to SEC approval.

More information can be found at the Fah Mai Holding INC website. www.fahmaiholdings.com
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