WoMaster Launches RS752 – Ultra High Speed Routing Server for Large – Scale Industrial Networks

Barcelona, Spain, October 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- WoMaster announces the launch of the new exclusive RS752, which is a high-performance industrial rackmount Gigabit Layer 2/3/4 Routing Switch with 48 Gigabit ports and 4 10GbE SFP+ ports.

The support of the auto-installation feature makes the switch deployment a truly plug-and-play experience. Further, the network administrators will be able to manage the switch through an industry-standard CLI and configure remotely through SNMP from MIB and private MIB, which significantly reduce personnel training and operating costs. The RS752 guarantees high availability by hot-swappable design, out-of-band management, VRRP, Link Aggregation, and various redundancy features.

Supported multicast routing at Layer 3 provides fast data packet flow between distributed IP subnets. Data security is ensured by enhanced Cyber Security features including 802.1X/RADIUS port-based access control, management IP filtering, HTTPS/SSH/Management IP Secure Guard, ACL and Broadcast storm control, etc.

Equipped with 10GbE ports, RS752 guarantees ultra-high speed and maximum bandwidth, which make it an ideal backbone routing switch for large-scale industrial enterprise installations, where transmitting large amounts of data, voice, and high-quality video across networks is crucial.

Benefits of RS752
Industrial 10G Layer 2/3/4 48G+4x10G SFP+ Gigabit Routing Switch:

■ Core monitoring room

■ Ultra-high speed Gigabit switching
- 52-port Ethernet, including 48-port Gigabit Ethernet and 4-port 1/10GbE dual speed SFP+
- Outstanding throughput and flexibility for high-density and ultra high speed connection
- 131Mbps maximum forwarding rate
- 176Gps switching capacity
- 32K MAC address table
- 4MBytes packet buffer

■ Management Features
- Auto-Installation for simple plug-and-play deployment
- Various configuration paths, including WebGUI, CLI filtering, Telnet/SSH, SNMP and RMON
- LLDP topology control
- Software and Configuration download/upload: TFTP, FTP, SCP, SFTP
- Port Mirroring: SPAN, RSPAN

■ High availability from hardware and software perspectives
- Hot-swappable power supplies
- Out-of-band management reduce operating costs
- Up to 8 ports per link aggregation group (LACP) and up to 64 groups
- Up to 32 paths ECMP routing for load balancing and redundancy
- Multi-chassis Link Aggregation

■ Enhanced Cyber Security for Critical Applications
- 802.1X/RADIUS port-based access control
- ACL & Broadcast storm control
- Port MAC secure learning
- Private VLAN/IP Security/Port Security
- Management IP filtering (SNMP/Web/Telnet/SSH)
- HTTPS/SSH/ Management IP Secure Guard

■ Dynamic Routing with Redundancy Protection
- IPv4 and IPv6 routing: OSPF, OSPFv3, BGP4, and ECMP
- Multicast routing features for IGMP v1/v2/v3, PIM-DM/SM, MLD v1/v2 and PIM-DM6/SM6
- VRRP guarantees sustainable routing in a single point of failure

About WoMaster:
WoMaster Group is an international group based in Europe, with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, waste water, intelligent transportation and IP surveillance. WoMaster product range includes Industrial Networking and Computing products.

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Tatiana Khunkhenova