Adventure Tape - A New Non-Adhesive Tape That is Aimed at the Outdoors and Travel Market

Adventure Tape is a super strong, stretchy and waterproof tape especially developed for travel enthusiasts, lovers of the outdoors and extreme sports aficionados. It can be used for fixing almost anything and because it's non-adhesive, it can be used again and again. Adventure Tape has been developed over three years by Watts Group in Lydney, England and is currently live on Kickstarter.

Lydney, United Kingdom, October 14, 2017 --( Introduction:

Introducing the new innovation that is Adventure Tape®.

Sometimes the unexpected happens at the worst me and location possible. Kit breaks, something gets damaged, something sprouts a leak, something needs to be compressed, protected or bound together. It is in times like these that Adventure Tape comes to the rescue.

About Adventure Tape

Carefully developed by a small technical team, who are all passionate about outdoor adventure and innovation, Adventure Tape is made from a unique formula of durable polyurethane and has literally hundreds of applications.

This super-strong, stretchy and waterproof polyurethane tape will allow users to fix almost anything and can be used again and again (and won’t leave any sticky residue!). It is perfect for getting out of situations when equipment fails, a grippy surface is needed or something needs lashing together.

Adventure Tape comes in three sizes. Each size is a generous 3.6m (11.8 ft) in length;

- Thin 9mm wide (0.35”)
- Medium 18mm wide (0.71”)
- Thick 43mm wide (1.69”)

Although Adventure Tape is currently aimed at the adventure and travel market, it is also a must-have item around the house, to use in DIY and everyday general fixes –like WD40, it has hundreds of different applications and uses.

The product has been developed over the last three years by the Technical Director and the CEO of Watts Urethane Products Limited, Anthony Cooper, and is now live on Kickstarter.

Unique Properties:
Strong - Made from a unique and carefully developed formula of polyurethane, Adventure Tape is super-strong – it won’t break, even when stretched to eight times its original size.

Stretchy - Stretchier than Stretch Armstrong, Adventure Tape has incredible elongation properties, which means a little goes a long way.

Grippy - Adventure Tape grips to itself, which means the tape can be wrapped around an object, tied into a knot and it won’t unravel – ever. It can also provide a grippy surface – ideal for when the ocean gets a little choppy.

Reusable - So durable it won’t wear out even after multiple uses. And in between, it can be washed under a tap or in a stream and popped back into the aluminium tin for safekeeping.

Waterproof - As it is completely waterproof, Adventure Tape is perfect for use in the rain, in water or to fix a leak. In fact, the more it is washed, the more its grip increases.

Non-adhesive - Adventure Tape isn’t sticky like other tapes, which means it won’t damage the surface it’s on, or leave behind any residue.

Constrictive - Adventure Tape is perfect when a really tight fit is needed around an object – ideal for fashioning a tourniquet in an emergency.

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Adventure Tape
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