Art and L.O.V.E Combine for Homeless “Paint and Eat”

New Brunswick, NJ, October 14, 2017 --( With intent to inspire to change the lives of the many homeless, Above Art Studios is partnering with ARM (Archangel Raphael’s Mission) to produce the first “Community Paint & Sit.” Recognizing the influx of “transitional phase” individuals in their area, these organizations formulated an idea to spread love and inspiration. This evening’s event will provide a space for the homeless to enjoy a hearty meal and paint a vision of newfound hope for their lives.

Paint & Eat will begin promptly at 7:30 pm and is an instructed paint class with dinner and supplies provided until 9:30 pm. This event encourages taking a chance at life again and ultimately creating a new reality for the disenfranchised. Just as with a paintbrush and blank canvas a masterpiece can be created, thus with a bit of motivation, a new life journey can be shaped.

Above Art Studios is an art gallery that caters to African American Art and the like. Planted in the heart of New Brunswick, they have impacted the community with every bit of art, creativity and love.

ARM was founded in 2014 as group response to do more in the community. Collectively our founders came to realize that the difference between themselves and the wealthiest in the world was insignificant compared to the difference between themselves and the homeless. Shelter, food, multiple pairs of clothes, and access to showers, soap and toilets are basic necessities that only the homeless and third-world countries are forced to live without. In light of this, the difference between living in a mansion or a small studio apartment became inconsequential.

The collaboration of two inspirational organizations will birth a needed change around the world for all deserving. Monetary donations are being asked for to provide this life-changing event.
Above Art Studios
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