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VitaKem Nutraceutical Inc.

Vitakem Offers the Best Pricing Available with Their Price Match Program

Vitakem Offers the Best Pricing Available with Their Price Match Program
Smithtown, NY, October 16, 2017 --( When customers are responsible for delivering high quality supplements and vitamins to storefronts and retailers, they need to know that they are getting a great product that will build their brand. However, that level of quality doesn't have to mean that they pay a high price. Vitakem strives to make sure that their clients aren't paying too much for the highest quality products. To help with this, effective immediately, the company has announced that it will happily price-match all pre-existing products for its clients.

Vitakem's excellent quality products are all made in the USA and the company offers custom formulas as well as packaging, delivering the best possible vitamins and supplements on the market. Storefronts rely on Vitakem's clients to give them the products that they need to get to their customers, and by offering the lowest prices and best quality supplements, Vitakem makes it easy for companies to do just that.

And with this price match program, Vitakem will also be able to keep its clients paying the lowest prices. Here's how it works:

- Send the company an invoice from another manufacturer of a price that is quoted for supplements and vitamins. They'll review it and will then match that price - and in many cases, even beat it!

- If a new product is needed, customers may get a quote from another manufacturer and then send Vitakem that price. The odds are good that they'll be able to beat that price and offer a better product as well.

Not only does Vitakem offer price matching, but the company also strives to be the best source for companies looking to source their supplements reliably and get the best product for their brand. Clients will get all of the great benefits that come from using Vitakem, including:

- Totally GMP and NSF approved manufacturing
- Formulas created by experienced professionals
- Custom formulas
- Custom packaging and labeling options
- Only the highest quality products and ingredients
- Drop shipping to virtually anywhere

Vitakem takes pride in offering their customers the chance to save money while still getting the best quality supplements, and this price matching offer is the best way for them to do just that. Clients get great products and with the lowest price they can then deliver their supplements to stores and retailers with confidence that their bottom line is getting the maximum potential profit.

Whether a company has done business with Vitakem before or is just thinking about making its first order, Vitakem is happy to announce that any business will get the best price possible thanks to their new price matching efforts. Contact them today to learn more and to start getting the supplements needed at the best price.
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