Renewable Impacts LLC Forms the Power Plant Cycling Causality Collaborative Network™

The transition to 100% renewables is under way. What role will you play? The new Power Plant Cycling Causality Collaborative Network™ offers you a chance to be an innovative leader in a new energy market.

Littleton, CO, October 17, 2017 --( Renewable Impacts LLC (RI) announced today that it has formed the Power Plant Cycling Causality Collaborative Network to gather energy professionals eager to expand their analysis and consulting practices to cover power plant cycling causality work.

The march toward 100% renewables is well underway and, if achieved, the US could see the retirement of 800,000 MWs of fossil generation in the next 25 years. The loss of this amount of fossil generation could result in major electric system challenges. One of these is the likely increased in existing fossil plant cycling to cope with the variable nature of renewables like wind and solar. Typical cycling impacts include higher production costs and lower reliability. Sound power plant operating strategies and optimized asset performance depend on knowing what drives power plants to cycle.

"We are pleased to advance the topic of power plant cycling causality by forming the RI Power Plant Cycling Causality Collaborative Network," said James R. Schetter, President of Renewable Impacts LLC. Mr. Schetter added, "This program is for organizations that would like to market cycling causality analysis, become a subject matter expert in this area and a leader on cycling causality issues as the goal of 100% renewables is pursued in the US and around the world."

Become a powerful force in the world of complex energy choices by advising your clients on the impacts of power plant cycling and how to neutralize cost and reliability impacts with key business strategies informed by cycling causality analysis. Will you lead or follow?

Learn the details of this exciting new collaborative network program at:
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