Weekly Hotels Shared How Different Famous Extended Stay Hotels in America Differ in Terms of Service

Extended stay hotels in the United States cater hundreds to thousands of guests daily. There are a few hotels which are really famous across the USA. The pioneer in Weekly Hotel business, weeklyhotels.com, shared how these famous hotels differ from each other in terms of service.

New York, NY, October 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Weekly Hotels is one of the famous portals which provide more than 50,000 options to choose the ideal extended stay hotels from. The stated portal also has different filters and amazing features which make extended stay hotel searching easier and further benefits the consumer by giving a special price while they book through the weeklyhotels.com portal. As they deal with a large number of hoteliers and have rich experience in the extended stay hotel business, recently, their spokesperson shared some insightful details about popular extended stay hotel brands in the USA. This information helps in classifying how one extended stay hotel differs from the rest.

“Each extended stay hotel of a big brand has a few things in common such as they offer in-room kitchenette; access to recreation center; Wifi; and other basic to luxurious amenities. Also, as these brands have a good name in the market, they charge well for the services they offer to their guests. However, there are a few day to day amenities which are not offered by each extended stay hotel. It would be difficult to give the complete chart of differentiation due to certain reasons, but to benefit the readers and travelers; I’d like to share difference about 2 basis facilities which many travelers prefer to know about before booking a Weekly Hotel. These two amenities are:

- Housekeeping frequency and

- Daily Breakfast

"These two amenities are in the list of basic needs for a few travelers and can help them to choose their ideal extended stay hotel,” shared the representative of the Weekly Hotels.

Below is the quick list of famous hotel groups and brief about the availability of above mentioned two amenities:


This is renowned name in the hotel industry and along with the Marriot hotel chain; it also holds two other popular hotel brands, namely, Townplace Suites and Residence Inn. This group of hotels offers daily housekeeping and complimentary breakfast to the guests.


Hyatt is a well known brand internationally and in America, it has a range of extended stay hotels with the name Hyatt and Hyatt House. This group of hotels, too, offers grab and go breakfast and housekeeping service on a daily basis.

Extended Stay America

It is very popular name across the United States for its extended stay hotels. This weekly hotel doesn’t offer daily breakfast to the guest as part of their booking. Also, the housekeeping is daily to limited, vary based on booking tariff selection.


Hilton is another popular name in weekly hotel business and it holds the hotel chain with names: Home2Suites and Homewood Suites. These hotels offer daily breakfast and housekeeping as part of their package to their extended stay guests.

In Town Suites

The hotel chain of In Town Suites is owned by In Town Suites, Inc. They offer limited housekeeping service which means it is not available on a daily basis. Plus, they don’t provide complimentary breakfast as part of their package.

“Generally, housekeeping is done at regular interval and not daily in extended stay hotels. However, as mentioned in details, a few weekly hotels offer daily housekeeping. Likewise, a few hotels have facility of complimentary breakfast and a few don’t. These are the top 5 examples of weekly hotels in America. The travelers can visit https://www.weeklyhotels.com and find the best extended stay hotel with their preferred amenities by selecting the essential amenities from our filters and can make this tough looking task of weekly hotel search and booking easier with our portal because it is necessary to make an extended stay comfortable,” shared the representative of the company.
Ash Vyas