Teach Children a Love of Nature with "Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon," a New Children's Story

In O’Dell’s children’s story Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, readers are invited to take their children by the hand and share in its wonders.

San Antonio, TX, October 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- We only have one earth; one planet that sustains us and provides water, shade and an abundance of beauty. In O’Dell’s children’s story Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, readers are invited to take their children by the hand and share in its wonders.

“My wife and I have long held a love of nature and I wanted to create a book for my children that expressed that wonder and delight in the environment,” said first time children’s author Kevin M. O’Dell. “Writing this story was a true labor of love and a wonderful opportunity to include my sister as she is the illustrator of the story.”

Illustrator, Megan Philips and the author spent many wonderful vacations hiking, fishing and camping with their father and together they have created a beautiful tribute to their father who first introduced them to the wonders of Mother Earth.

In the story, father and son explore the outdoors, the plants, trees and wildlife that live among the woods. While sharing their adventure, the father has the opportunity to teach his son about the importance of nature and how to care for our environment.

“My hope is to pass along the love of nature my father instilled in our family, to my children and to those that read the book,” said O’Dell. “This book is meant to be enjoyed and shared.”

The author lives in the country and is raising his children to enjoy nature walks, camping, fishing and basically anything that gets them out into nature.

There is a lesson that can be learned by studying the balance of nature. O’Dell helps readers see how animals, plants and the sun cooperate and work together. We can learn a lot about how to live and be with each other by studying the harmony found in nature. Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon will help parents inspire their families to do their own exploring.

“Children today spend more time on their smart devices than playing outside,” said Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing International. “This delightful story will encourage parents and their children to do their own exploring of nature and hopefully find ways to sustain and care for our environment.”

Mother Earth, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, is now available at Halo Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in paperback for $12.95 and $7.99 for the e-book.

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About Kevin M. O’Dell:
Kevin has a passion for our environment, and is committed to supporting its preservation. When Kevin is not writing or spending time with his family, he enjoys running, fishing, hiking, and anything else that gets him outdoors. The author, his wife, and two beautiful children reside in Galena, Ohio.

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