Keshtat - A Role-Playing Game Based in Qatar That is Currently Being Developed by Orion's Reverie

Keshtat is a role playing game that is currently being developed by Orion's Reverie. The project is now live at Kickstarter and they offer amazing rewards if you back them.

Doha, Qatar, October 19, 2017 --( Keshtat is a role-playing game set in the future, where the AI’s commenced a rebellion against humanity and sought to conquer Qatar, and eventually, the world.

The word Keshtat is a Qatari word that means a journey or a trip, mostly associated with the desert.

You play as Saqr, a Qatari in his early twenties that will be involved in humanity’s battle against the AI’s. In his journey, he will be joined by some of his friends who each have their own reasons to fight. They will travel around various places in Qatar, facing several struggles as they search for ways to end the AI rebellion.

To know more about the project you can check them out on Kickstarter.

They offer amazing rewards. Your support, no matter how much, will be very valuable in the completion of this project.
Orion's Reverie
Mohammed Abdul Rahman Aljufairi