Star of RFDTV, Traditional Country Singer, David Church Signs Recording Contract

David Church a 15 year veteran of radio and television signs his record deal with Spotlight Records arguably the largest independent internet based record label in the world.

Grove City, OH, October 24, 2017 --( David Church a traditional country singer from Lancaster, Ohio has agreed to the terms of a recording contract with Spotlight Records an independent record label founded in 1995 from Grove City, Ohio.

The Star of RFDTV’s Midwest Country for over 13 years, David Church, has been lighting up the TV sets and stages throughout the US. From the iconic “Hank Williams,” to his own “roots/retro” country music, David Church will take you back in time to relive the greatest days of country music. The show is 90 minutes of foot stomping, hand clapping “Honky-Tonk and Hank.” Including songs like Hanks, “Moanin the Blues” to George Jones “White Lightning” and his patriotic original hit song, “The Old Red White & Blue.” Midwest Country is featured on prime time Sunday night. It has been on the RFDTV Network for 15 years. With Nielson ratings in the top 3 on the RFD-TV network, David Church is the "most requested and most popular" artist. And if that’s not enough, David is also recognized world-wide as the undisputed #1 tribute to Hank Williams. David has reignited a passion for traditional “retro” country music.

The RFDTV network has grown by leaps and bounds and is now broadcast to over 65 Million viewers throughout the US. Church has been featured as a regular on the popular show "Midwest Country." Church has millions of fans all over the world. Bruce Maier, the editor of a major music magazine, Damn Good Tunes called David, "a rare entertainment entity." He went on to say "he creates a visual presentation that is absolutely dazzling to witness. He does something that 99% of all other artists cannot do and that is stand on their own with their own music."

David is a strong patriot and believes in supporting our veterans. He wrote a song in tribute to our veterans to "thank them for their service." The song titled, "The Old Red White & Blue" which will be released on his "Best of David Church/Traditional Yours” CD to be released by Spotlight Records next year. A strong advocate for American made products, David made the decision a few years ago to only sell American manufactured products on their merchandise table. In April 2014, The Church's joined forced with "American Made Matters®" organization as members and ambassadors. The mission is, "to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American dream."

David was born and raised in Lancaster, OH; a small town on the outskirts of Columbus. The youngest of 14, David grew up surrounded by country music and bluegrass. His father taught himself to play the 5 string banjo and played at local barn dances and picnics. Church's biggest influence was his Uncle Stan, who played the lap steel guitar. He encouraged his nephew to "never give up."

David has been featured in numerous major country music magazines including, Country Weekly, Country Music Report, Nashville, Music Guide, Dreamwest, Damn Good Tunes, Furious, and many others.

Church attributes his success in the music business to the millions of "true country fans" that are tired of what they hear on the radio. "The success that I have had has come from the fans that so long for the traditional sound of country that they have heard in the past, but no longer find in mainstream country music. Those are the fans that have been forgotten. I also feel that a lot of RFD-TV's success can be attributed to the country music shows that they have been airing, which go along with the country and farm lifestyle."
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