"Sammy Smart" as a Reflection of the Technology Sector

Berlin, Germany, October 20, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The aim is for a small hand-drawn mobile phone figure to become a trademark of an entire industry. This cheeky looking character is called "Sammy Smart" by TELES AG, and his name says it all – he knows everything there is to know about the telephony field and what is happening there. And even more important: His newly created role as KnowHow Distributor at TELES AG is to share this knowledge across all standard social media channels and with all interested parties.

In this way, TELES AG is taking a further step on the path it is already pursuing with the TELES Lounge that it holds annually. It has now launched a platform for all those interested in technology to come together, pooling the knowledge and latest innovations here, and thus creating space for stimulating discussions and room for new ideas.

According to Co-CEO Oliver Olbrich, the intention especially is "to achieve a wide-ranging reflection of this highly exciting sector, capable of looking beyond its own four walls with complete openness and foresight and creating an active awareness for the fascinating developments here, as indeed to an equal extent for the opportunities such developments generate."

Already when he founded TELES AG, Sigram Schindler was one of the leading minds when it came to creating and designing the technological future of Germany. Among others, he established the first computer science courses in Germany, as well as being a member of numerous bodies and committees concerned with the further development, promotion and standardisation of IT technologies. Hence the creation of a platform that shows TELES AG to be part of a highly active, consistently expanding future, one especially that is limitless in terms of its opportunities, is a logical conclusion when we consider his original thought on founding the company: That only by passing on the knowledge already gained in an appropriate way, can you have the skills and abilities available to you for transforming great ideas into outstanding products.


TELES AG has the decisive body of knowledge that has been developed with the many advances achieved in technology. TELES AG has consistently released numerous groundbreaking products for the telecommunication industry, with a focus especially on service providers and business customers. Whether these concern the ISDN TELES.PC card or now the cloud based communications solutions – at TELES AG the overriding design and development aspiration is to facilitate a more open and especially user-friendly world of work. In more than 60 countries, TELES AG works together with more than 300 key customers and partners – with the opportunities for communication solutions that arise from this just as wide-ranging yet individual as the lives of the customers who then use these products.


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