Persystent Suite 6.0 Expands Zero-Touch Automation Capabilities

New version of Persystent Suite optimizes processes and leverages modern technology to improve zero-touch automation, in-place migration, and wipe and load features.

Tampa, FL, October 20, 2017 --( Utopic Software, a leader in self-healing, zero-touch/high-speed imaging and secure drive wipe solutions for PCs, announced the release of a new version of their flagship lifecycle management solution Persystent Suite. This latest release, 6.0, provides multiple new and improved features including enhanced automated task sequencing for thin image deployment and migration, streamlined synchronization between base images, and the inclusion of remote execution of PowerShell scripts.

These improvements directly align Persystent Suite with PCaaS (PC-as-a-Service) by strengthening the seamlessness by which the solution facilitates and implements key automations that drive workspace transformation initiatives like Windows 10 migration or PC refreshes.

According to Persystent customer Adam Weston, Manager System Engineering at Car Financial, “The value of these automation capabilities provided our organization with increased end-user productivity and reduction in support costs during our Win10 migrations."

Dhaval Patel, Lead Engineer and Persystent's original designer at Utopic Software, added, "With this new release our customers will be able to leverage process optimization and modern technology advancements to overcome the manual support costs associated with their legacy environments."

Persystent 6.0 offers three significant upgrades that seamlessly support end-to-end lifecycle management initiatives:

- Combined Pre-boot and Service actions into a single task. This consolidates redundant task sequencing to ease complexity, remove unnecessary extra reboots and greatly improves performance.
- Improved synchronization between central and distributed repository servers.. The distributed servers automatically get new base images created on the master server through an automated and continuous delivery policy.
- Added new action “Execute PowerShell Script”. This allows administrators to leverage existing PowerShell Scripts and execute the script on a remote computer.

In addition to the major advances, Persystent Suite 6.0 provided additional enhancements and system adjustments:

- Added search for computers by computer model on the WebUI
- Added search by Company Inventory Id on the WebUI
- Added license expiration warning from 30 days prior to expiring
- Join Domain failures are now reported in the WebUI in task history
- Added ability to restart a computer after action execution
- Added policy to show custom messages to the user when a schedule requires a reboot
- Added option to view Configuration from the Notifier agent
- Fixed action to backup BitLocker recovery key to AD
- Added wait timer for the service when computer is going through SYSPREP process. This will fix the issue of task not getting executed properly during imaging process
- Removed support for .NET Framework 3.5 so computers must have .NET - - Framework 4 and above installed on the computers
- Added a check for computer name on client build wizard for 15 characters or less

The new version of Persystent is currently available. Existing customers may contact Utopic to schedule an upgrade to Persystent Suite 6.0 at no cost.

Persystent Suite continues to redefine traditional lifecycle management products with its proprietary and unique ability to automatically self-heal poorly performing PCs, maintain desired images, sanitize hard drives when necessary, and ensure continuous compute availability. Persystent's wide array of integrated capabilities and technological differences make a qualitative and measurable impact for multiple industries and companies of various sizes and scopes.

For more information about Persystent Suite 6.0 automation capabilities such as self-healing, zero-touch, in-place migration, wipe and load migration, increase patch/update success rates, and reduce support costs attributed to hard drive failures and employee attrition, you can schedule a live demo on the Utopic Software website (
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