Releases Guide to Help Homeowners Protect Outdoor Decks and Patios During the Winter provides tips to homeowners on how to protect their decks this winter.

Burnsville, MN, October 22, 2017 --(, a Twin Cities deck building company, has released a guide to help homeowners protect their decks through the winter months. The warm spring and summer months likely brought many hours of barbecues, evening gatherings, and meals on homeowners’ outdoor decks. But with the combination of food spills, heavy use, and weather elements like heat, sun, rain and now cooler temperatures, now is the ideal time to do any deck repairs and prepare decks for the winter ahead.

The first thing homeowners should do is to check and see if their deck is in need of any repairs after being used all summer. Things like loose deck railings or splintering boards should be addressed and fixed. Putting off repairs allows moisture to seep in, freeze and thaw over the winter, and that could mean even more damage and more costly repairs in the spring.

After repairs, it’s important to thoroughly clean a deck to get rid of dirt buildup and any food spills. Cleaning the deck helps prevent mold and mildew from growing, and can help keep the deck from getting discolored. Using a bleach-free cleaner, or even just soapy water and rinsing with clean water, will help loosen and lift dirt and prepare decks for a protective finish to be applied.

The last step for winterizing a deck is to apply a new coat of deck paint or a water-resistant finish to protect it from damaging winter weather. This will help keep moisture out of the deck and protect it from freezing and thawing that can crack boards.

If your deck has been neglected and is in need of repair, refinishing, or a full deck replacement, contact the experienced deck builders at The contractors at can help homeowners build a new deck with their maintenance free decking materials, which helps to eliminate some of the winterizing steps listed above.

If you aren’t sure what steps need to be taken to care for your deck, contact today for a free quote.
Bill Barton