Survey Confirms Strong Customer Authentication is Critical to Long Term Success of Digital Services

A survey conducted by Ubisecure found that 97% of all enterprises interviewed agreed that strong customer authentication will play an increasingly important role in the success of digital business.

London, United Kingdom, October 24, 2017 --( A survey concentrating on several key aspects of online privacy conducted by Ubisecure in August 2017 found overwhelming confirmation of the positive impacts a centralised Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) can have on digital business. The respondents represented developers, digital identity experts, technical architects, business decision makers and C-level executives from various verticals with different market sizes from the government to leading international enterprises and system integrators.

97% of the respondents agreed that strong customer authentication will grow in importance. The result highlights the importance of cyber security, especially in light of the recent data breaches and large-scale identity thefts. Digitalisation of both consumer and business services and the growing use of mobile apps is driving companies to adopt alternatives to passwords and other weak authentication methods.

“Customers are concerned about, not to mention increasingly tired of, managing yet more passwords, and they are responding positively to digital service providers who enable convenient and secure registration and login using an identity the customer may already have,” said Simon Wood, CEO, Ubisecure “Companies are realising this shift and those who participated in our survey have clearly indicated their intentions to invest in new and stronger customer authentication methods.”

Strong authentication adds additional layers of security to the digital identity. 2-factor strong authentication typically complements the password “something you know” with “something you have,” e.g. a mobile device. Adding a third factor such as “something you are” – fingerprint, creates a multi-factor strong authentication mechanism. One such Ubisecure CIAM customer, a large retail chain, allows their customers to access basic information and non-sensitive services with weak methods such as password and social media identities. To access sensitive information, modify their own information or to conduct transactions, a step-up to stronger authentication is required and customers use their mobile devices or their bank issued credentials to prove their identity. The net results is that Customers seamlessly engage with this retailer using the identity appropriate to the value of interaction or transaction. It’s convenient for the customer and secure for the retailer.

Integrating strong customer authentication to digital services has never been easier. Mature standards for user authentication allow service providers easy integration of strong authentication mechanisms to both web based services and mobile apps providing consistent user experience across channels. International and country level initiatives such as GSMA Mobile Connect, European Union eIDAS and national federation networks already enable service providers to reach over three billion users globally through a single integration.

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