Three Million Tons of Horse Manure Used Bedding Finds a Solution

HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp (HPAB) is thrilled to have confirmation from the Amec Foster Wheeler Environmental study to efficiently recycle waste wood shavings through separation, drying, processing and packaging for reuse, with little to no emissions.

Wellington, FL, October 24, 2017 --( The Manure crisis of 1894 has returned again, in the backyards of Wellington, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, Florida. WPB is among many locations like Calgary Alberta and Norco California that wherever a significant amount of horses and riders cohabitate for competition and sport, the waste bedding creates hundreds of thousands of tons of manure per region.

Over 120,000 tons in Wellington alone that HiPoint along with its partners Horizon 880 can now dispose of ...

The waste shavings are re-processed cleaned and pasteurized, like the milk you drink, then re-packaged for re-sale back to the same equine facilities healthier and better for horse and rider than the original. The HPAB process is the first of its kind, fully automated, fully monitored, with little to no emissions. Currently, disposal and purchase of new bedding material is the industry standard.

HPAB is proud to enlist the expertise of AMEC who concludes:

- The drying system can reduce emissions compared to rotary dryers that are vented to the atmosphere

- There are operational and energy efficiency improvements as compared to other conventional dryer technologies

- There are no chemicals used in the separation and drying process of HPAB

- The HPAB process can effectively remove horse manure fecal matter for composting and efficiently recycle waste wood shavings through separation, drying, processing and packaging for reuse.

- Amec Foster Wheeler will engage with HPAB clients to bring a customized solution to meet their needs.

HPAB is completing site validations all across North America and International markets to recycle waste bedding shavings in areas of high horse & rider populous, where inadequate stockpiling of manure has caught the attention of the EPA the region and the public causing significant environmental concerns with the use and improper disposal of equine bedding material.

Waste nothing. Turning an undesirable waste stream into a multi-faceted profit stream, that solves this new great manure crisis. “Environmental capitalism to resolve environmental crises that benefits humanity,” states Cross. The Shavings are finished with a proprietary 4th Gen essential oil infusion to be healthier for horse and rider than the original shavings. The horse buns and waste fiber organics are turned into Aerobic organic compost using state of the art composting techniques, while it has shown that Horse Manure is an energy source through Anaerobic Digestion removing GHG off-gassing from the land and atmosphere.

Each region requires environmental stewardship to capitalize on this $4.5 Billion niche market. Learn more and how you can become involved from ambassadorship to investorship to ownership across the Globe.

About HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp.

HPAB is about to change the way equine bedding is handled by implementing a state of the art bio-secure shavings recycling facility using an advanced technology process that will become an integral part of modern horse farms and County operations. The HPAB Result: an efficient use of resources, cost savings and a reduction of environmental hazards; such as illegal dumping, nutrient leaching, and phosphorus overloading into our soil and water.


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HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp
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HiPoint Agro Bedding Corp. (HPAB) is thrilled to have confirmation from the Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure study.

State of The Art Covered Recycling Facility

State of The Art Covered Recycling Facility

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