Mocoding Launches New Service - GetMVP

Mocoding introduced a service to create a minimal viable product. It was called GetMVP. MVP is a product with a minimal set of functions, which is sufficient for testing hypotheses, assessing competitiveness and verifying customer involvement.

Boston, MA, October 25, 2017 --( GetMVP team creates Internet services, mobile applications, data warehouses, cross-platform software, etc. These products contain a minimal set of key functions, the relevance of which needs to be checked on real users. GetMVP team develops any project in one month.

MVP is a tool for entrepreneurs and businessmen. With its help, they check the viability of business ideas and test the waters of the market. The development of such a minimum version of the product is much cheaper than a full-fledged project.

The main uniqueness of the GetMVP service is an opportunity to assess the viability of the project in market conditions. If the audience likes the product, it will be expanded: the developer adds new functions, simplify interaction and improve the design. With MVP started such famous companies as Spotify, Foursquare, Airbnb, Groupon, and others.

Why does the startup need MVP:

1. Check whether the product is interesting to the audience.
2. Save money if the project proves to be a failure.
3. Learn what features to develop, and which are not.
4. Collect the customer base and find supporters at an early stage.

In 74% of cases, the reason of the startup’s failure is its premature scaling. In this situation, the cost of maintaining the project is greater than the income from new users. Problem arises from a lack of knowledge about the needs of the target audience. GetMVP from Mocoding solves the problem: launching a minimal viable product allows you to test the hypothesis and correct it depending on user feedback.

GetMVP is a Mocoding service. The company has two offices: in Kharkov (Ukraine) and in Boston (USA). GetMVP team consists of designers, frontend and backend developers, marketers and copywriters.

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