Flooring Cleaning Specialist Announces Improved Website Engagement

There is a wealth of information available for anyone using the internet to find tradesmen. This means that it is a highly competitive environment and true professionals need to ensure they are offering valuable content. The following information shows how 1 Stop Floor Care have formulated a plan of action to lead their field.

Lancashire, United Kingdom, October 25, 2017 --(PR.com)-- 1 Stop Floor Care are a stone floor restoration and floor sanding company that offer comprehensive services for all types of floors. They have built up an enviable local reputation for offering exceptional services both in terms of the finishes they achieve and the service they offer.

They have been known to set themselves hugely challenging targets in order improve their services. Their aim is to constantly find ways in which they can develop and offer further value to their wider audience. Their latest venture has been to improve engagement for their site viewers.

This has been managed through a variety of ways. This includes offering quality content for their readers. Content is created in order to guide their readers naturally through the different pages on the website. It is solely focussed on the site users and providing unique information to engage them. This thought process works to make their website stand out and offers a go-to place for learning about floor care and their individual provisions.

Tangible results are offered through their informative website analytics. This forms the basis for their incredible announcement of improved engagement. In a period measured in the last thirty days to that same period last year there are varied elements that have improved to offer detailed proof.

This includes an improved percentage of page views by over 50%. Viewers have increased their pages viewed per session by over 123% which is truly incredible. Further evidence is offered by an improved average session duration of nearly 33%. Each of these elements really offer a well-rounded view of how the website is doing.

The one element that ties it all together is a decreased bounce rate for the same period. Their bounce rate has reduced by nearly 76% which is outstanding. The above figures offer detailed insight to their continued success.

Ian Johnson, founder of 1 Stop Floor Care commented, “Our online presence is really important to us. We are continually looking for ways in which we can show our clients how we care about the services that we offer and their custom. This starts from the initial point of contact and follows seamlessly through completion of the work and beyond. To hear such incredible statistics offers confirmation of our hard work.”

Such a determined approach is worthy of credit. The way in which this Company drives development means that they will not rest on their laurels and will look for additional ways to find further achievements.

Further information is available at http://www.1stopfloorcare.co.uk

To contact Ian, email info@1stopfloorcare.co.uk
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