A New Social App for College Students

GeoConnect, based out of Salt Lake City, has built an app that uses technology to facilitate in-person interactions among college students and their local environment. They can meet nearby college students and see what’s happening around campus.

Salt Lake City, UT, October 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Social media in all of its forms has definitely become an integral part of life for college students. They use apps for connecting with other students, finding classes, paying for financial aid, and so much more. Millennial’s want convenience, speed and instant gratification. They are more likely to connect, study, make a payment, and do homework if it is easy and intuitive. They loose interest quickly and don’t have a lot of patience for things that don’t go smoothly. They are very social by nature and their communication of choice is social media.

The question is…. how can we help students fulfill their social need in a deeper way while accommodating their tendency to pick up the phone for social interaction?

GeoConnect has built an app that uses technology to facilitate in-person interactions among students and their local environment. They can initially use the app to see what is going on closest to them, or see who is nearby, and then immediately join a group, or meet up with someone, or go somewhere they found through the app vs. staying on the app to engage socially. It is a starting point, not the destination.

Meet Students and See What’s Happening Around Campus

The home feed is based on location
Students can see what is happening closest to them, or view the latest posts as soon as they hit the home feed. They will instantly see what people who are closest to them are sharing, as well as nearby users and nearby groups.

Meet and chat with nearby users
Students can interact instantly with users that are closest to them and invite their friends to join GeoConnect so they can see when they are close by.

See who is on the same wi-fi connection
Students can setup a wi-fi group in their dorms, in the library, or in the classroom where only those sharing the same wi-fi can see posts.

Find and Create Groups

Find, participate, and create special interest groups, or study groups. Students will be able to find public groups that are in closest proximity to them. Groups that you create can be public or private and allow participants to chat, create events, and upload photos/videos.
Ashley Kartchner