Doctor Anywhere (DAW) Mobile Application to Elevate the Existing Standards of the Entire Singaporean Healthcare Industry

Singsys, a leading mobile app development company in Singapore, develops a revolutionary healthcare app.

Singapore, Singapore, October 26, 2017 --( The DAW application had been officially launched as part of Doctor Anywhere Pte Ltd.'s plans to enhance the healthcare industry. The application aims to connect patients with 24/7 healthcare on the go with ease of access through the mobile app, without any regard of their current location. The only requirements are broadly met by the mass public: a smartphone with internet connection.

The ultimate goal of the company is to catalyze a movement which would help everyone lead healthier and happier lives and be able to connect with their doctors without having to wait in line or race against time in case of an emergency. The company understands the fact that we live in the digital era and attempts to take full advantage of it.

The application itself has been made available for iOS and Android. Signsys’ iOS app development team had done a stellar job, with the vast majority of feedback being beyond exceptional. The company has done great in terms of delivering an enhanced yet comprehensive and seamless user experience.

In the words of a user, “I like the convenience and time saved, and the quick assurance I get from the call with the doctor. There was a reminder for me to see a doctor in person after the video consultation too.”

The essence of the mobile app is to allow patients to have virtual consultations with licensed, practicing and real doctors. The twist – the patient doesn’t have to leave the convenience of their own home. A 10-minute consultation with an appropriately educated and experienced medical practitioner will cost users $30. At the same time, the doctors are capable of issuing referrals for specialists and electronic MCs (Medical Certificates). They could also prescribe medication.

The app itself can be downloaded at the Apple Store or at the Google Play Store, depending on the device that you are using.

About Singsys: Singsys is an industry leading mobile app development company in Singapore with expertise spanning across a range of different fields. It relies on a vast team of experts with years of experience in mobile application development.

About DAW: Doctor Anywhere Pte. Ltd. is a company which aims to provoke a movement that would assist everyone lead a healthier live, giving broad and instant access to people to professional healthcare. It’s one of the best applications which enable the issuing of e-MCs.
Marvin Scarbrough