The World’s Leading Universal Gift Registry Provider,, Reveals the Top Millennial Wedding Registry Trends of 2017

Every year, thousands of millennial couples tie the knot. So, what are they adding to their gift registries? used its own data to uncover the top wedding registry trends of 2017.

Fort Lee, NJ, October 31, 2017 --( If you know a millennial couple that’s about to get married, you may be surprised at the variety of items you will see on their wedding registry. There’s a lot more than just the traditional items, like china and flatware., the leading universal gift registry platform, combed through data from the 2017 wedding season and concluded gifts added to their system totaled close to one billion dollars. The company also discovered shifting trends in the registries of today’s couples. The verticals with the largest growth were outdoor entertaining, DIY, and home improvement products, like power tools and furniture.

“Our recent data shows that our millennial members aren’t adding as many experience gifts as we expected,” says President, Nancy Lee. “We see the occasional couple adding a honeymoon excursion or cooking class, but it’s becoming clear that instead of just registering for the experiences, they’d rather create those experiences in their own homes.”

“We also see an increase in high-quality housewares that make it possible to relive certain experiences again and again.” Lee adds. “Millennials value authenticity and individualism, and that extends to the home itself. Many buy ‘fixer-uppers’ so they can be active in the building process and make modifications that really reflect their lifestyles. We’ve noticed this has driven more interest in DIY items.”

Since January 2017, there has been a significant uptick in items being added to gift lists from DIY stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot. Some of the most popular items being added are things like cordless drills, shovels, and tool kits. Both stores have noticed the trend, and currently offer wedding-themed gift cards.

Complementing this DIY trend is the inclusion of decor that reflects the personalization and individuality they value. These include items that are handmade and monogrammed, from sites such as Etsy.

These trends are a few of the reasons why more people are choosing to use a universal gift registry like With its “Add to MyRegistry” browser button, registrants can add from literally any retailer. When they find something unique they want at a store like Pier 1, for example, all they have to do is click the button and it’s automatically added to their gift registry. And if they have existing store registries, they can sync them to their account and still keep their store perks.

“Along with these new gift preferences, millennials are changing up their ceremonies and receptions as well,” says Lee. “Couples love having signature drinks and other personal touches throughout the event. The father may still give away the bride, but we also seeing both parents or other family members give them away. These are all signs of today’s world where personalization is paramount.”

Launched in 2005, is the premier destination for Universal Gift Registry services. gives its users the ability to create one centralized registry for any gift-giving occasion. Registrants can add items from any store in the world. They can even sync existing store registries and tastefully register for cash gifts. In addition, is the largest universal gift registry software provider to U.S. and Canadian retailers. All stores, One registry.®
Kristen Sfyris