Protectimus Two-Factor Authentication Now Available for Users of Citrix XenApp Versions 7.8–7.13

London, United Kingdom, November 01, 2017 --( Protectimus Solutions LLP has announced that its core products, cloud-based and on-premise two-factor authentication solutions, are now available for versions 7.8–7.13 of Citrix XenApp virtualization software.

In addition to the traditional components of a multifactor authentication system (login and password + one-time password), Protectimus also offers the following additional capabilities to companies using Citrix XenApp versions 7.8–7.13 in their infrastructure:

Programmable Protectimus Slim NFC hardware tokens.

Data signing functionality: allows the generation of one-time passwords based on crucial client data, eliminating the possibility of a one-time password being used to sign data for another operation should it be intercepted.

Geographic and time-based filters.

User environment analysis (smart authentication).

"We've been working with Citrix successfully for several years now, and we've gotten only positive feedback about these joint projects from our customers. We plan to continue this cooperation in the future as well, and to maintain maximum compatibility between Protectimus and Citrix products. I'm happy for our customers, since they now have the opportunity to use a truly strong multifactor authentication solution from Protectimus with Citrix XenApp 7.8–7.13 products," says Maksim Oliinyk, CEO of Protectimus Solutions LLP.

Protectimus Solutions LLP has been a professional player in the two-factor authentication market since 2013. It is a coordinating member of OATH, the Initiative for Open Authentication. Among the company's customers are banks, payment systems, and large corporations. Two-factor authentication solutions can be delivered as a package (the server part and OTP tokens) or separately. All one-time passwords generation and delivery methods are available: TOTP and OCRA hardware tokens, software token apps for Android and iOS, SMS, and email.

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