Recime Introduces Code-Free Chatbot Creation with New Customization Options for Major Messaging Platforms

Chatbot creation is now closer to the needs of the business - Recime delivers self-service, wide reach and granular bot customization.

San Francisco, CA, November 02, 2017 --( Recime today announced the second release of its end-to-end chatbot platform, which enables businesses to automate customer service, content distribution, promotions, and to extend their services into chat messengers. The latest release of Recime introduces a brand new user interface for code-free creation of chatbots and many features aimed towards full chatbot customization and extensibility.

The new user interface allows non-technical users, such as digital managers and marketers, to create chatbots that can be deployed across company websites and major text messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Telegram, Kik, WeChat and SMS. In this release, Recime also adds Viber support, allowing brands to reach over 4 billion messenger users with a single chatbot.

New or improved are several features, which allow developers to fully customize and extend their company’s chatbots:

--- A new “cloud code” module enables developers to extend existing chatbots with JavaScript (ES6) without provisioning or managing servers. Customization through a Recime Command Line Interface (CLI) is also supported.
--- Developers now have the ability to create custom modules which can be reused across different bots or bot groups.
--- Improved is the way chatbots consume data from external sources such a CRM or a CMS.
--- The ability to plug in external tools, such as marketing automation or analytics has also been improved.

“We continue to execute on our vision to equip brands with the chatbot platform they need to engage their users,” said Mehfuz Hossain, Recime CEO. “Users expect one-of-a-kind experience from every brand at every turn. With v2 of Recimē, we help businesses make that happen by providing them with a more potent tool for delivering tailored conversations to their users. This release is a very important milestone not only for us, but for all brands, who are looking into serving their customers through chatbots.”

About Recime
Recime (ˈresəˌmē) is a software company that simplifies the way brands create and maintain great chatbots in order to address and harness today’s digital transformation. Situated in San Francisco, California, it offers an end-to-end chatbot platform which helps businesses automate customer support, promotions, content delivery and more, with minimal IT complexity and low total cost of ownership. Learn more on
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