Electronic Music Artist Wunderfish Releases Debut Album

Honolulu, HI, November 02, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Electronic music artist Wunderfish self-released his debut album, “The Narwhal in the Cornflower Sky” today. The concept album takes listeners on a whimsical sonic journey through three acts, emulating the structure of traditional fairytales, operas, and stage plays. The story behind the predominantly instrumental work is inspired by the innocence of childhood dreaming and universal wonder, with each track provoking a unique emotional response.

A mix of nostalgic synth pop, sparkly progressive house, and dark ambient music, the tracks were created using a variety of sounds and textures from sources such as vintage analogue and digital synthesizers, computer-based plug-ins, field recorded samples, and guitars running through effects pedals. The album includes a full continuous mix (Track 6), so the listener can hear the work as one uninterrupted track as the artist intended.

“The Narwhal in the Cornflower Sky” is available at all mainstream online retailers, such as iTunes and Amazon; and may also be played on all major music streaming services, such as Spotify.

Track Listing
Track 1 - Through Painted Figures (Prologue); Track 2 - We Fly Leeward (Act 1); Track 3 - What Could Have Been (Act 2); Track 4 - The Last Night Away From You (Act 3); Track 5 - She Wanders Alone (Epilogue); Track 6 - The Narwhal in the Cornflower Sky (Continuous Album Mix)

Album cover art was photographed by the talented artist, Carla Minnichhofer.

About Wunderfish
Wunderfish (Jason Umino) is an electronic music artist, remixer, sound designer, and educator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. While he has been producing music since the early 1990s, he left his office job in 2014 to pursue music full time, and completed the Ableton Producer Certificate program at the renowned Dubspot NYC electronic music school. Wunderfish was named as one of three winners out of over 500 entrants in Ludovico Einaudi’s Night Remix Competition, and the mix will be widely released by Decca (Universal) Records later this year.

When not making music, Wunderfish teaches electronic music production and technology at Honolulu’s Computational Thinkers; and is a partner at independent film company, Street Cinema, LLC. He and his wife are both avid travelers, meditators, and are in continuous pursuit of their artistic dreams.

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