Tarrant County Public Agencies Fair Features Charles Edda and Charles Bouley on Charlee: A Cybersecurity Professional Suite

On Thursday, November 10, 2017 Charles Edda and Charles Bouley will host a vendor table by Forth Worth Business Assistance Center at Tarrant County College South Campus. Charles Edda and Charles Bouley, Inc. will display their latest seminar series located on their homepage and Charlee, their Professional Commercial Suite.

Fort Worth, TX, November 09, 2017 --(PR.com)-- On Thursday, November 10, 2017 Charles Edda and Charles Bouley will host a vendor table by Forth Worth Business Assistance Center at Tarrant County College South Campus. Along with Fort Worth BAC Charles Edda and Charles Bouley has received sponsorship to showcase their business. CEO Dr. Fisher mirrors Grant Schneider, the acting federal chief information security officer, said that from the tools available to cyber malefactors, to the cost of those tools, to the odds they can anonymously carry out missions, "everything is in their favor right now." Meaning the cost of security and protection is at a higher advantage toward the criminal activity of certain systems operators.

Charles Edda and Charles Bouley, Inc. will display their latest seminar series located on their homepage, products and services showcasing Charlee. Charlee is their Professional Commercial Suite allowing clients to manage their own cybersecurity needs with amicable technical support. Promotional giveaways and drawings will include free assessments and percentages off for first time customers.

The company will set up meetings with other vendors and customers seeking materials regarding security before the show starts. “Keep in mind, we want to hear about what’s happening with other companies besides; rather than promoting what we do,” stated a Board member. The event organizer for the company, Thomas Julip is always there to help; “we measure our success by conversations and leads. Sales is always central, but if we can extend the conversation past the vendor show by emails, telephone conversation and promotions then we’ve done our job.”

However, let’s not lose focus of Charles Edda and Charles Bouley, Inc.'s major objective and why they offer service. Elain Duke of the Department of Homeland Security shares her own thoughts regarding security features and why everyone needs a cybersecurity assessment: “There's not a day goes by where there isn't a cyber report as part of that daily intelligence briefing," she said, adding that nation states, criminal organizations as well as individual capabilities "increase in frequency, scale, sophistication and impact.” Evidenced by the recent WannaCry and Petya attacks Dr. Fisher adds, “disruptive technology can be ruining your business.” As CEO and expert investigator, she shares quick tips of signs and analysis anyone can spot as a measure of attack:

1. A reboot screens your computer constantly displaying.
2. Continuous "antivirus warning" is a type of malicious program asking you to "purchase" or upgrade.
3. Your browser has multiple new toolbars with names that seem to indicate the toolbar is supposed to help you.
4. Redirecting your browser somewhere other than you want to go.
5. Random browser pop-ups from websites that don't normally generate them, your system has been compromised.

Here is what you need to do and know. Reboot, reboot reboot. Go into safe mode and immediately contact an official or cyber security expert. Nonetheless, it’s your personal responsibility to issue counterattack - by word of mouth and action and lawful deeds online. First is to warn other common friends, associates, business representatives, staff and support not to accept unexpected emails and social media requests. Second, call and authenticate everything online. And for good housekeeping efforts when visiting websites, other business and third-party advertisements, start looking at licensing agreements. Typically, intruders and malware have flaws, spelling errors and tell you there are advertisers and not real companies; they inform you of their intentions with your data.

However, the problem comes in with misinformation and/or untrained staff. Everyone in your business should have meager to diminutive trainings from tech support or an agency such as Charles Edda and Charles Bouley notifies you. These businesses are there to ensure organizational protections, creating environments of virtual safety that ensures customer’s data is protected and staff and employees understand what to do instead of screeching out “FIRE”! Here is your take away. Investigate and learn how to your organization was susceptible to an attack. “Waiting until there is a fire is a bad time to consider home insurance; and all the regret in the world won’t restore loss”. However, these results can be mitigating by upfront analysis of your system, assessment, planning and recovery, expectations and storage.

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