Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Disaster: The First Five Steps from Insurance Consultant, Rapid Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, those affected may feel their world has literally fallen apart. They can act quickly to get on the road to rapid recovery. These first five steps will help victims deal successfully with their insurance company and its adjusters.

Coulterville, CA, November 09, 2017 --( 1. Locate a full copy of the insurance policy and read it. The policy will include the coverage amounts for the dwelling, personal property and other structures. It will also spell out the coverage for loss of use and other items.

2. Next, report the loss. Insurance policies require homeowners to report their loss as soon as is reasonably possible.

3. Rapid Disaster Recovery strongly suggests documenting all contact with the insurance company and its representatives. Write down the time and date of every call, what was said, by whom and what are the next steps.

4. After the adjuster inspects the loss, he or she will prepare a written assessment, or adjuster's report. This is a report of the scope of the repairs, materials and costs needed to replace the loss. One of the most important things to do is to review the adjuster's report to make sure it includes all costs to fully repair and replace the loss. Look for missing items, partial or incomplete measurements and low-balled contractor labor costs.

5. Consider getting help from an insurance consultant. Insurance policy language can be confusing and dealing with the insurance company can be intimidating. Rapid Disaster Recovery helps clients at every stage of the insurance claims process. They work for the client, not the insurance company, to achieve the best possible result. For more information, please call (844) 672-7433 or visit
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