Eric Burdon Guests on Animal Radio

Singer/Songwriter and former Animals front-man Speaks for the Elephants.

Los Angeles, CA, November 09, 2017 --( Singer/Songwriter Eric Burdon (The Animals –WAR) will be guest hosting America’s most-listened-to pet talk, Animal Radio, on November 18th.

Eric Burdon is still writing and quite prolific. Between touring and penning books, Eric has become an advocate for the elephants of Burma, and has lent his name to the LA based “Elephant Project.”

Eric will share stories about living inside a zoo experience. Eric says he “connects” with the elephant. “They’re such gentle giants. I dreamt years ago that there would be an armed group of soldiers raised in Africa to protect the elephants from the slaughter that’s going on.”

Eric’s first instrument was the trombone. He’ll discuss what medical issues caused him to give up the instrument in favor of vocals.

“We’re thrilled to have this iconic legend talking about his music and his devotion to elephants,” says co-host Hal Abrams, “Eric will even sing to us as an elephant!”

Eric Burdon’s guest spot can be heard on this special national broadcast November 18th, and rebroadcast on the 19th, on 133 AM-FM stations across the nation, including flagship KOST 103.5 Los Angeles. Visit to find a local affiliate. This special program can also be heard on the Animal Radio App for iPhone and Android, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, TuneIn and iTunes.
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Bob Roth