Linda Rawson of DynaGrace Enterprises Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Stem Weather Board Game

Salt Lake City, UT, November 09, 2017 --( Linda Rawson, President, and CEO of DynaGrace Enterprises – an 8(a), WOSB, Information Technology and writing services company, has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for a STEM board game to teach kids about weather. The title of the game is WeatherEgg Kids: Whacky Weather Board Game. The board game will help raise funds for her invention, called Weatheregg™.

Linda was born in a small farming community in Utah. She was raised by her mother, who was a single mom raising five children. Her mother never went to college and did not have any dreams of owning her own business. Because of this, Linda thinks it is essential for children, especially girl children, to acquire more knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

“It is a great privilege to bring a small piece of science to children in the hopes that they become our scientists of the future,” stated Linda Rawson, President, and CEO of DynaGrace Enterprises. “DynaGrace Enterprises has been heavily involved in Department of Defense Information Technology work. The WeatherEgg™ is an invention that is almost to fruition, so what better way to help fund that invention than with another invention. One that helps children learn science. In particular, weather science.”

With the onset of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum in education, what better way to make science fun than by introducing some animated 3D humanoid characters affectionately called the WeatherEgg™ kids. Holley Humidity, Peggy Pressure, Tommy Temperature and Wesley Wind. Sweet, loveable, Holley Humidity, moody Peggy Pressure, mischievous Wesley Wind, and the hero Tommy Temperature can cause quite a storm. The WeatherEgg Kids will be used in a mobile application and a web application to teach children about weather.

DynaGrace Enterprises hopes to lead the field in teaching children about the weather while supporting a path of continued growth while maintaining a reputation as a provider of Information Technology and writing services.

Customers can learn more about DynaGrace Enterprises by visiting the company’s website at or by calling the company directly at 800-676-0058. Please learn more about WeatherEgg by visiting

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