Mr Digital Gets Friendly with Alexa, Suri & Google Assistant

Surrey-based digital marketing agency, Mr Digital, is delighted to announce it’s leading the way with a move into voice-search optimisation thanks to its investment in researching and understanding how results are impacted for who, what, where-style search terms such as who is Ahmed Bessedik, what restaurants are nearby and where will I find the nearest petrol station?

Guildford, United Kingdom, November 11, 2017 --( Mr Digital is a full serving digital marketing agency that works with brands globally to help them compete in the online arena, offering services including website design, online advertising and it’s most popular service of all, search engine optimisation (SEO).

Ross Crawford, founder of Mr Digital, has been on the journey as SEO has evolved over the years, from the "keyword-stuffing-any-backlink-will-do-days" to the quality content strategies that focus on delivering value for the user, which is where we are currently. With Google constantly updating its algorithm, an SEO man’s job is never done, and with the growing popularity of voice-activated searches thanks to Alexa, Suri and Google Assistant, things are just about to change in a big way. According to Comscore, “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020” so understanding how voice-optimisation works is business-critical for SEO agencies like Mr Digital.

Mr Digital decided not to wait to see what other agencies were doing with voice search optimisation. Instead the Guildford agency decided to run it’s own tests on hundreds of search terms and compare the results against normal searches to see what differences there were in the search results. These learnings have allowed Mr Digital to develop a voice search optimisation best practice plan for the benefit of its clients.

Ross Crawford, Director at Mr Digital, said, “I’m so excited about the next evolution of search engine optimisation. I am always excited when there’s a huge change in an industry and this is one for us.

“I would like to thank Alexa, Suri and Google Home for coming into our lives and making them exciting again. I’ve had tremendous fun testing them with simple questions like 'hey Suri, who is Ahmed Bessedik?' 'Alexa, what Italian restaurants are there nearby?' 'Ok Google, who won the X Factor in 2016?'.”
Mr Digital Ltd
Ross Crawford