AsteriskService Announced Asterisk WebRTC Development for Global MNCs

Arlington, TX, November 12, 2017 --( Web-based communication is a preferred choice of business as it enables entrepreneurs to share audio and video data across browsers, thereby offering more secure and smoother communication experience. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a web-based protocol and emerges as one of the most advanced VoIP solutions for establishing scalable connectivity network for facilitating collaboration and business communication.

AsteriskService, a renowned VoIP solutions provider and a subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited, has announced customized Asterisk-based WebRTC development to offer enterprise-grade communication solutions with a seamless performance and multi-layered security. A spokesman at AsteriskService revealed the objective behind announcing Asterisk WebRTC development services for MNCs with these words, “Globally, MNCs prefer real-time connectivity in a secured manner and browsers like Chrome and Firefox can provide this facility with the help of customized WebRTC solutions. We use Asterisk platform for developing an array of apps for establishing and managing VoIP-based communication. At AsteriskService, we strive for offering uninterrupted connectivity in audio and video conferences. WebRTC is known for offering a seamless performance and advanced functionality in video conferences, and therefore, our company has announced to offer Asterisk development for WebRTC-based video conference. We offer the real-time communication and data sharing with Asterisk WebRTC technology,” he concluded.

Head of VoIP communication department at AsteriskService listed a few noteworthy features and business benefits of Asterisk WebRTC development with these words, “Our WebRTC solution offers data sharing in easy and flexible manner while providing better collaboration and effective communication within organization irrespective of time and distance. Enterprise users can do real-time chatting and text messages and stay connected. A few of the noteworthy features of Asterisk WebRTC solution are session rehydration for reestablishing session in the cases of reloading browser, HTTP server crash, and IP connectivity loss, real-time audio and video conferencing capabilities, session mobility for continuing session on mobile devices, screen sharing for removing confusion and saving time, etc. Apart from improved scalability and enhanced security, our WebRTC solutions offer better functionality while reducing the complexity of video conferencing. It is easy to establish better collaboration with real-time data sharing. MNCs can get the most from WebRTC technology using our customized solution,” he concluded.

AsteriskService has served the global clientele with premium, Asterisk-based, business communication solutions, and emerges as a torchbearer of advanced communication protocol- WebRTC development.

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Sindhav Bhageerath