KLAS Investigates CPOE Offerings and Technology Leaders

KLAS measured the depth of CPOE adoption in this sixth and most recent study to find out provider satisfaction with the vendor offerings and the depth of usage in this growing area.

Orem, UT, February 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- When KLAS first began measuring CPOE adoption in 2003, less than 3.5 percent of U.S hospitals were doing any form of CPOE. In that original study, only 45,000 physicians across the country were using this technology. In this sixth and most recent study, KLAS discovered that the number of U.S. hospitals that had more than 200 beds and were using CPOE had increased to 17 percent. Additionally, over 171,000 physicians in North America are now doing CPOE in acute care settings. Even though the move to CPOE is still only in its infancy, CPOE adoption continues to increase at a steady pace.

Curious about this continued growth, KLAS drilled down to uncover which CPOE vendors were leading the pack and spoke with providers to uncover their satisfaction and insight into the available vendor offerings. Overall, client satisfaction among CPOE solutions was fairly close with one major vendor ahead of the pack and one behind the pack, and generally below the KLAS HIT average of 80.5 out of 100. In addition to standard performance scores, KLAS devised a metric to measure each offering’s value proposition and aggregate scores were assigned to each vendor.

The next few years will be telling as products across the segment mature and provider organizations continue to overcome hurdles to adoption such as physician buy-in, technology challenges and workflow. Respondents provided recommendations on how to have a successful CPOE launch. Organizations advised focusing on facilitating the CPOE experience for physicians through better training, real-time support and effective order sets.

For this study, as in previous CPOE studies, KLAS interviewed every live CPOE organization in North America to accurately report on the progress of CPOE implementation. Additionally, organizations were required to be live with CPOE in at least one inpatient facility in order to qualify for inclusion in the study.

Vendors included in the report are Cerner, CPSI, Eclipsys, Epic, GE, McKesson, Meditech, QuadraMed, and Siemens.

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