CCFin Introduces Cutting-Edge Brokerage Management Platform

Innovative Brokerage Management Platform to improve employee’s productivity and efficiency.

Newton, MA, November 16, 2017 --( At many brokerages today, the average back office employee still spends roughly 80% of their day on activities such as filling out forms, placing traders into groups, making repetitive calculations, processing orders, and creating accounts in accordance with some systematic numbering scheme. Whilst these tasks are critical for supporting customers for the employees they are tedious motivation-killers. They are also notoriously error prone and time consuming.

A brokerage like any other company, needs to consider and address employee productivity in order to maximise efficiency which ultimately will affect the bottom line.In order to improve productivity, adoption of new technology and integration of a more comprehensive platform will enable optimal business process.

In recognising the needs for a new interface, Cloud Connected Financial (CCFin) a Boston based financial technologies company has released an interactive Brokerage Management Platform (BMP) for traders. The BMP will automate manual business processes that are highly structured, routine and rules- schedule- or event-driven, requiring little (if any) analysis or subjective judgement, that will consume employees time.

The platform will enable theses processes to be passed on to automation software that is fast, perfectly accurate, tireless, and easily scalable. With the BMP, employees will be relieved of menial tasks that require no human intervention (“unattended”) and partially automate those that do (“attended”).

The ability of the BMP to authorize the firm and its clients to directly deposit funds into a specific account will increase revenue stream as well as client satisfaction due to ease and speed of the integration. Having multiple payment service providers will enable further growth to these two factors and currently CCFin is offering 17 different PSP as part of its standard package with the ability to integrate any new one upon request.

CCFin’s BMP will also automatically placing traders into the proper groups based on their signup criteria. This will ensure traders can fund accounts and hit the ground running within minutes and within the properly configured trading/security parameters they are assigned to.

All of this is guaranteed to free up employees to focus on high-value activities, while the software automates the business processes using the software developed at CCFin.

CCFin offers many more automation features implemented in the BMP platform, for more information or to request a free demo, please visit

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