Steadfast Helps Prosite Business Reduce Server Consumption for Improved Performance

Chicago, IL, November 16, 2017 --( Steadfast, a cutting-edge infrastructure and cloud solutions technology company in Chicago, helped Prosite Business Solutions develop dedicated server solutions to solve the company’s bandwidth and resource problems, resulting in greater resilience and reliability for their ProBusinessTools software.

Experiencing latency issues in the performance of its cloud-based, real-time service management software, as well as dissatisfaction with service response from their infrastructure provider, Prosite Business Solutions began searching for a new service provider. After investigating several options, Steadfast’s ability to offer concrete solutions, personalized to Prosite’s needs, closed the deal.

“We found that Steadfast’s servers were top of the line and the backbone speed between Chicago and NJ was fast enough that we could develop our own dual-server load-balancer and fail-over solution,” said Jason Warren, CEO of Prosite Business Solutions and developer of ProBusinessTools. “Steadfast’s servers out of the box took our processing from 80% peak to 40% peak on one server, and now we have the ability to leverage two servers for even more power, redundancy, failover, and decreased load.”

Today, Prosite’s software is faster than ever, even as its user base grows. By hosting their platform with Steadfast, Prosite has a highly optimized networked with low-latency, supported by a 24/7 support staff that manages and proactively address any issues, so that Prosite can focus on their growing business, and not their infrastructure.

To read more about how Steadfast helped solve the challenge of a slow hosting platform to give Prosite an optimal service solution, visit to download and read the full case study.

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