Sir-Mix-A-Bot Robotic Home Bartender Hits the Market

San Francisco, CA, November 19, 2017 --( Sir-Mix-A-Bot is launching the robotic bartender which has evolved from a side project into a full production venture. Sir-Mix-A-Bot moves forward in the name of delicious mixed drinks. The hardware in the kit or pre-assembled version is readily available and will never be out of reach. Sir-Mix-A-Bot is ready to order and ready to run. The mission has been successful to make almost every component open source so it can continue to improve the concept and at an unheard of attainable price.

Baltic Birch is an incredible material. The wood has a higher modulus of elasticity than most comparable hard plywood and has the added benefit of a nice finish. Unlike most plywood, the end product can still be sanded and made to look like a final product. Furthermore, at ~6mm thickness, the wood can still be easily laser cut with no other manufacturing needed.

In addition to the Baltic Birch considerations, the company also examined using 2020 Aluminum channel frame. Aluminum (especially in 2020 frame) has even greater strength properties. Furthermore, machine work could altogether eliminate this with 90 degree fasteners that are readily available. Unfortunately, the material is limiting because there’s no elements of creativity (all shapes must be 90 or 45 degrees). An assembly would require many pieces for a completed frame, and might still required a plastic cut cover or wood enclosure to look presentable. And lastly – the extrusions themselves are expensive – about $1.80 per 100mm of aluminum extrusion not accounting for the joints.

Lastly, the group decided to attempt a frame made from MDF particle board. Although MDF lacks the strength of the other two options... it is abundantly affordable. About 1/2 the cost of the birch frame. And although it doesn’t stain well, or present the nicest end finish without paint, it can be repainted and finished to a reasonable degree.

The Slots Self-Align the wood into place
Screw holds for all major sub-components are pre-cut and able to hold the pieces together without drilling or the likelihood of dislocation.

The external aesthetic can be cleaned and displayed to look good too. It also has the potential to add logos and other elements of personalization.
Brendan Stiffle
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