The Tablet Full Screen Ads Plugin for Revive Adserver Has Been Launched

Launched by reviveadservermod, the Tablet full screen ads plugin for Revive Adserver helps deliver full screen ad formats on tablet devices with any display size.

Bangalore, India, November 17, 2017 --( The very recent launch in the line-up of plugins; the "Tablet full screen ads" plugin for Revive adserver makes sure the advertisers’ needs are met by providing them the option of displaying a brief information with regards to content on the creative advertisements.

Web users of this era yearn to know the complete set of features before they buy a product or subscribe to a service. To meet this expectation additional info regarding the product or service advertised is displayed on interaction with the ad apart from just the image banner. End users tend to spend a bit more time in the ad and interaction time with the ads is meant to increase. The initial ad would be displayed on the tablet screen with minimalistic details. When the user clicks on the "Read more" button, the detail about the product or service is displayed in full screen mode.

This gives a greater visual appeal to the ad compared to the traditional ad formats. Now publishers possess the ability to deliver highly responsive and "super rich media" type of ad delivery on their website pages; that leads to end users engaging a bit longer than usual. Also a visible boost in the CTR (Click through ratio) can be observed. The user clicks, impressions and conversions of the tablet full screen ads can be tracked and reported.
Rita Cathy
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