Your Pillow May be the Most Important Factor in How Well You Sleep

New company focuses solely on improving the sleeping pillow.

Portland, OR, November 17, 2017 --( Luxe Pillow, a brand-new company based out of Portland, Oregon is trying to change the way people perceive their pillows. In recent months there has been a glut of mattress companies that have entered the ‘sleep-arena’ however, their pillow products seem to be an afterthought. Luxe Pillow’s sole focus is on the sleeping pillow and 100% of their resources and research have gone in to creating a better pillow. Most people are aware of the importance of sleep but many do not equate that with owning a better pillow.

“Sleep effects every part of our lives from our mood, to creativity, to physical and mental health,” said Luxe Pillow founder, Matt Potter. “Yet most consumers don’t realize their pillow plays a pivotal role in getting great sleep. Our goal is to improve the public’s sleep through a better pillow.”

On average, the general public replaces their pillow once every three and half years. While some pillows may last that long, cheaply-made, inexpensive pillows typically need to be replaced every six months. This is why owning a quality-made pillow is paramount to great sleep and can actually save you money in the long run. As more consumers become aware of the importance of sleep upgrading to a premium pillow may become the norm and Luxe Pillow wants to partner with people who are ready to sleep better, feel great and achieve more.
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