Brooklyn Community Services Fatherhood Program Launched "Barbershop Dad Talk" Series for Non-Custodial Fathers at Coney Island Barbershop

Brooklyn Community Services’ Fatherhood Program held its first “Barbershop Dad Talk” at Timbuktu Hair Care in Coney Island on November 16. The barbershop event gave non-custodial fathers the opportunity to talk about the challenges of parenthood in a casual setting.

Brooklyn, NY, November 17, 2017 --( Brooklyn Community Services launched the BCS Fatherhood Program “Barbershop Dad Talk” Series, which provided an opportunity for non-custodial fathers to discuss parenting challenges, social services and counseling in a casual setting, at Timbuktu Hair Care in Coney Island on November 16.

At the BCS Fatherhood Program’s “Barbershop Dad Talk,” a group of non-custodial fathers had conversations about their experiences with fatherhood. In addition, they were invited to bring their child for bonding activities. The first 10 non-custodial dads that enrolled in the BCS Fatherhood Program received a free haircut for him and his child courtesy of Timbuktu Hair Care. Fathers were also able to enroll without their child present.

"The BCS Fatherhood Program is about assisting fathers to know their worth in the family, educating them with the skills they need, and supporting them through this process to be more involved with their children,” explained Marcelle J. Craig, MS, Program Director, BCS Fatherhood Initiative Program.

The inspiration behind the BCS Fatherhood Program “Barbershop Dad Talk” Series is that African American barbershops have traditionally been a way for fathers to bond with their sons. These barbershops have been a place where people of color normally gather to meet and talk about what's going on in their lives and their communities. Having groups in a barbershop is a way to meet people where they are possibly already having these discussions. Timbuktu Hair Care is the first Brooklyn barbershop in the series.

“Brooklyn Community Services' Fatherhood Program hopes to empower these men to be the community and family leader their children need through groups and individual case management, activities for them to do with their children, and connecting them with additional resources in the community,” said Craig. “Having BCS Fatherhood Program outreach in a barbershop is a strategy to find a safe space where men are often already having these discussions.” For more information on the program or events, please call the Fatherhood Program at 347-292-3060.

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