Sync Internet Marketing Releases a Content-Driven Gift Guide, for Today’s Modern, and Active Guy Who Already Has Everything

Sync Internet Marketing, a growing ecommerce and media publisher, today announced a content-driven gift guide for active guys, and really for those who struggle shopping for the guy who already has everything.

Atlanta, GA, November 21, 2017 --( What do 30,000 online shoppers, over the past few months, know about the perfect gift idea for every guy in 2018? Plenty, and with a few clicks through a vast database of web site shopping trends, Sync Internet Marketing, has created their first annual Gift Guide for Today’s Modern Guy.

What makes Sync’s database different? After a year of creating content specifically designed to attract guys, shopping online for their own personal items, we compiled this data into a quick reference, which should provide enough insights for anybody looking to buy a gift for guys who tend to enjoy technology, like the outdoors and strive toward a healthy lifestyle.

How This Men’s Gift Guide is Bringing Sexy Back for 2018

Mens underwear for 2018 is hot this year, and with all the new pouch underwear styles, we can see why. With our own team trying a few different underwear brands, these stood out to be a fun change of pace, especially from the standard boring pair of boxer briefs, trunks or boxers found in our guy's drawers. If you have that special guy, who you would like to surprise with a great pair of men's underwear (or buy for yourself), check out the top underwear brands for working out, with a pouch this year.

Swim suits are also becoming very patriotic this year, and any guy would love to have an American flag swim trunk in their swimsuit arsenal, no matter their physical shape, as everyone loves to feel good at the beach, pool or lake. With so many styles to choose from, including the board short, the trunk or the bikini, we found the American print to be a hot seller over the past year, and predict the style to even grow into 2018.

Why This Men’s Gift Guide Will Change Their Life

Growing our own food is at the root of human nature, in our opinion, so why not put your modern guy up to the challenge of growing their own food hydroponically, which is only using water, with a nutrient solution. It is fun to try, and if you purchase a hydroponic system with an LED grow light, you can get some great tomatoes in the winter. With so many brands of these small hydroponic systems, we found a even greater selection for 2018, designed to accommodate a kitchen, a patio or even a porch growing locations. These systems are amazingly small, surprisingly affordable, and fun to experiment. Check out the prices here.

Let’s face it, we are all getting older everyday, and many of today’s guys like to make sure they are getting all of their nutrients, so we have seen an increase in men’s specially formulated multi-vitamins, which makes a great gift for those guys, who might not yet be thinking about all the great benefits, which many of these are being created to support.

Technology Can Now Always Be Wrapped as a Gift

Technology is always changing, so most any guy can benefit from a new gadget. In 2018, we are predicting explosive growth for many of these small and now affordable home automation gadgets. Many are designed to help guys, modernize and automate their apartment, their 1950s ranch or even their parent’s basement apartment. Door locks have never been a fun gift, but when you add a WiFi to a door lock, you open the world of home automation serenity. Pair that new lock with a set of wifi powered light bulbs and internet controlled switches, their old fashioned home, can now be a voice controlled home automation nest, that only million dollar systems would have been able to have a few year ago. These device manufactures make is easy, and most can be controlled from a smart phone.

With these top 5 gift buying ideas, there are really 100s of individual products that can be purchased, for the techie, the athlete or the grower. We continue to grow our shopping destination traffic online everyday, which means our gift guides, will even become smarter, and help you buy that perfect gift, especially for the guy who has everything.

Still not finding the perfect idea? Some other great ideas, can include skiing gear for the athlete, camping gear for the outdoorsman or even fishing gear for the fisherman.

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Sync Internet Marketing, launched in 2011, was created to help companies take charge of their digital conversation and sync offline marketing assets to online digital marketing assets and programs. Originally focused on search engine marketing to drive brand awareness and lead generation, the company has since expanded services to include the development and creation of ecommerce and media publishing Web site solutions for niche verticals including those focused on an active and healthy lifestyles, and supporting those brand advertisers.
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