City World Radio is Expanding and Rebranding

City World Radio Network is expanding and is rebranding under new management.

New York, NY, November 22, 2017 --( City World Radio Network (CWRN) is under new management and is rebranding to expanding their station. They are actively looking for new talent to expand their roster and build their content. CWRN is now able to produce both live and pre-recorded shows for anybody looking to make a podcast or broadcast.

CWRN intends to keep growing by reaching out to listeners, allowing people to submit music and other content to consider for broadcasting to help build their community.

By allowing people to submit content they are able to reach an audience they may not have otherwise found. They have added new hosts and are streaming new content from popular media sources, like Democracy Now! and The Appetizer.

They are actively looking to add new talent to their roster. Podcasters interested in broadcasting live and expanding their reach are encouraged to reach out. CWRN can also accommodate broadcasters that prefer to pre-record their content. Potential broadcasters should visit to contact the program coordinator.

"I am very excited about this project. I initially started off as a broadcaster on the network and when I saw the potential that CWRN had, I jumped on the opportunity to become an owner. I am really looking forward to taking CWRN to the next level," said John Ferri, one of CWRN's new owners.

"I'm really excited for the new programming. We just added a bunch of music shows, and it's more than just top 100 or rock but niche things like indie or funk or jazz," said Macy Griffin, one of the new broadcasters and the director of content.

CWRN is an international radio broadcast network, broadcasting in high-definition over the internet on proprietary high-speed digital servers.

CWRN has grown to a full network of broadcasters who write, host, and produce their shows at the CWRN studio in the financial district of NYC. As the station grows, it will reach listeners from around the USA, and other countries who listened in regularly to the broadcasts. CWRN continues to grow and flourish, with many new broadcasters, new shows, and new content as it undergoes rebranding.
City World Radio Network
Macy Griffin