Kinetic Technologies Addresses Qi Compliant Wireless Power at 2017 Wireless Power Consortium

Dave Wilson, Kinetic Technologies system architecture director, presents the design flow for successful implementation of Qi compliant Receiver and Transmitter products.

San Jose, CA, November 24, 2017 --( The 2017 Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi Developer Conference, held in San Francisco on November 16, brought more than 200 product developers from around the country together to discuss complex magnetic induction wireless power design. Kinetic Technologies System Architecture Director, Dave Wilson, shared the design flow and specific guidance to implement wireless power Receiver and Transmitter devices.

Wilson spoke to designing and building products in the course of two WPC sessions. He explained the basic technology challenges of wireless Receivers and Transmitters, and expanded on specific best practices and pitfalls to avoid, better enabling designers to achieve Qi compliance on the first attempt.

As a long-term, strong WPC participant, Wilson emphasized the specific issues this industry faces in designing and building products that could result in Qi compliance testing failures, product redesign, and sometimes disappointing experiences for end user customers. “This was a great opportunity to share lessons learned from real product examples,” said Wilson. “My goal is to reduce negative experiences and to continually improve the Qi compliance process at the industry level.”

WPC is building a knowledge base to assist developers working on Qi compliant wireless power products. WPC members can view Wilson’s materials on the website:

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