Documentary About the 2016 Libertarian Party JohnsonWeld Campaign Hits IndieGOGO

“I Am Gary Johnson” Documentary Explores the Libertarian Movement and 2016 Presidential Election Campaign of Third Party Candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

Park City, UT, November 24, 2017 --( Production began this week on the documentary “I Am Gary Johnson.” The feature length film is a comprehensive look at the 2016 Presidential Campaign of two-term Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, the Libertarian movement, and the political ambiguity felt by millions across the United States.

Director Brando Eaton (Dexter, MTV’s Awkward) presents compelling never-before-seen footage from the campaign trail with candid post-election interviews from key political insiders, JohnsonWeld staff, and the former candidates. “We wanted to show the world some of the most controversial and emotional moments from the campaign,” Eaton said. “Good, bad or regretted, at the end of the day JohnsonWeld made history.”

“I Am Gary Johnson,” produced by Los Angeles-based production company Power & Industry®, has gained notable traction in recent weeks as two leaked clips from the film surfaced on multiple conservative and liberal political sites, provoking speculation within the Libertarian community of “something big” taking place at next year’s LP national convention in New Orleans. Daniel Thompson, Executive Producer of the project said, “I think Governor Johnson and Governor Weld’s perspective about the campaign, post-election, will surprise most people who watched from the outset and cause a level of consternation among the immediate delegation.”

Gary Johnson is a successful two-term Governor of New Mexico, and a man who angered many in both mainstream political parties as he sought to unite fiscal conservatism with social tolerance. An early adopter of marijuana legalization, gay rights, and immigration reform, many of Johnson’s unique and forward-thinking positions became adopted principles on both sides of the isle. Bill Weld was possibly the most popular Governor Massachusetts has ever had, winning landslide victories as a Republican in a widely Democratic state and championed social equality long before running as Vice President. As Libertarians, they sought to challenge the duopoly and provide a reasonable and experienced alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“I Am Gary Johnson serves a thought-provoking reality check for the Libertarian Party, who received a record tally, but struggled to reach their goal of getting 5% of the electorate,” producer Brandon Wright said.

In preparation for a US theatrical release, the production company is offering audiences an opportunity to participate via IndieGoGo. The crowdfunding campaign began today and features remarkable incentives including autographed campaign memorabilia, a private screening at your home with the Director, early access to the film with additional content, or credentials to a red-carpet premier hosted in Los Angeles, Boston, or Rhode Island.
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