New Release "Live Love Burn"

Prolific author James Kelley publishes "Live Love Burn," a book of prose written in poetry form.

Albany, NY, November 29, 2017 --( James Kelley reaches out with his poetry and immerses readers in an ever-widening circle of life, passionate and emotional. His poetry is a bottomless drink on a scorching day, bringing a sense of joy and thoughtful spirals of perspective to the world around us. A growing bookshelf erupting through literature's boundaries, the colors and scents contained here burst forth with an awakening of the mind. A compelling synthesis of this poet's mind, this will settle deeply within your emotions.

Born in Austin, raised in North Houston. He began writing in 6th grade as a form of therapy and his teacher described it as poetry. Winning his first national contest for prose in 8th grade and has been published in several magazines and anthologies.
James Kelley
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