Teddy Roosevelt Reenactor Shares His Progressive Ideas with PLATO Society of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, December 01, 2017 --(PR.com)-- On November 28, the Former President Theodore Roosevelt, in the form of Joe Wigand, a well known Theodore Roosevelt reenactor visited The PLATO Society of Los Angeles, 1083 Gayley Avenue, in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA. His appearance was in conjunction with one of 25 Study/Discussion Groups (SDGs). Joe Waigand, is a well-known Theodore Roosevelt reenactor, who has talked at the White House, elementary and high schools, non-profits, professional clubs and organizations, national parks, and for-profit groups. He is noted for the voice and the wonderful mannerisms exhibited by TR. Joe Wigand’s visit is part of a weekly Study Discussion Group on The Indomitable Theodore Roosevelt, lasting 14 weeks. "When one hears about the man on Mount Rushmore, we remember his conservation efforts, changing football, world travels, revamping spelling, fighting the Spanish-American War, initiating the Panama Canal, and winning the Nobel Peace Prize," said Jay Christensen, the group's coordinator. TR also served as Governor of New York, Police Commissioner of New York City, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and Civil Service Commissioner of the U.S., and, of course, Vice President.

The PLATO Society of Los Angeles represents a special place where Southern California retirees, including doctors, lawyers, engineers, entertainment industry specialists, judges, social service specialists, teachers, professors, design and architectural specialists, former musicians and opera aficionados, and politicians congregate to learn from each other and appreciate all the world has to offer. The good people of PLATO have been supporting the City and its programs for some 30 years. Each term for three terms of the year the members vote on what programs they want in each 25-term session. Programs range from history, geography, science, arts and literature to all kinds of political and cultural events. Plato also holds colloquiums at Skirball Center throughout the year and an annual Retreat at Bardim-Brandeis Conference Center, Simi Valley.

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Rudy Sabaratnam