The World’s First Pod-Book Just Released on Amazon: "Milkshake Mermaid" Children’s Book Features an Empowering Message, Entertaining Story and Free Cloud-Based Podcast

Author and musician Greg Wachs’ unique pod-book concept, including a richly illustrated storybook with a matching cloud-based podcast, presents an ecologically positive message of cooperation and friendship, helps children learn to read.

Los Angeles, CA, December 01, 2017 --( The ecologically-friendly story of a Mermaid named Kayla who loves chocolate milkshakes and wants to help all the creatures of the sea live in harmony and keep their environment clean is captured in “Milkshake Mermaid,” a new, richly illustrated children’s book just released on Amazon. To help children learn to read and make the story come alive, author and musician Greg Wachs has created a free matching podcast available on iTunes and his website, Taken together, the combination is called a pod-book.

“A pod-book is a kid’s book with a matching podcast, and this is the first of its kind,” author Greg Wachs explained. “There are several kids’ podcasts on iTunes today, yet none is accompanied by a kid’s book.” Wachs created a podcast where the characters narrate the story, matching the book word-for-word. Layered with an all-original soundtrack and memorable lyrics that complement the story’s optimistic message, “the combination becomes a truly unique and moving multi-media experience,” said Wachs.

“It’s important that storybooks for children not only keep them entertained, but also present a positive, empowering message,” Wachs continued. “In ‘Milkshake Mermaid,’ our heroine helps all the sea creatures learn to live together as friends instead of fighting, and she helps keep the ocean clean. The amazing illustrations by Evid Day bring all the characters to life, and the free matching podcast tells the story in an entertaining way, complete with a funky, original music soundtrack. The podcast and book work together to help children learn to read by listening to the story while following along in the colorful book.”

“Milkshake Mermaid” joins Wachs’ illustrated children’s books “Donut The Dragon” and “Anabelle And The Crumbs” now available on Amazon, all part of his Funky Dreamer Storytime brand. Each book is filled with bright illustrations and each has its own free matching podcast.

“It’s called Funky Dreamer Storytime because the music is a little funky and the stories are a little dreamy,” Wachs explained. “I’ve partnered with amazing artists to provide unique, colorful illustrations for each book, and I’ve created a matching podcast for each story that brings the characters to life and helps kids learn to read by following along. That’s why I call them pod-books.”

The pod-book concept expands on earlier books with accompanying audio versions by taking advantage of cloud technology. “In the past, some children’s books came with a recorded version – first vinyl records, then cassettes, and eventually compact discs,” said Wachs. ”This first-of-its-kind pod-book series uses the newest technology; there’s no cassette, CD or DVD that can get lost or broken. The podcast can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.”

Music has been an integral part of Greg Wachs’ life since he was a youngster, so when he began creating stories for his own daughter a year ago, adding a musical element was second-nature. Each of Wachs’ pod-books envelops readers within its unique world of imagery, story, rhyme, and song, helping young children learn to read as they follow along, and expanding kids’ imaginations through an uplifting and empowering storyline.

“Imagine the possibilities of a physical book with an accompanying cloud-based audio track – a visually impaired parent or grandparent will be able to share the experience at naptime or bedtime by listening to the podcast as the child follows along in the book,” said Wachs. ”Numerous studies show that reading aloud to young children provides a model of fluent, expressive reading, helps develop language and listening skills, stimulates their imagination, prepares them to understand the written word, and expands their vocabulary.”

“Milkshake Mermaid” is filled with original, colorful illustrations by Russian artist Evid Day. Created through a unique method of pouring watercolor paint onto paper, then manipulating the images with computer software, the deep blues of the water complement the colorful seascapes and characters, including Kayla the Mermaid, her friends Dava the Dolphin and Wiki the Whale, and an imaginary group of confrontational sea creatures called Glugs, who pick fights, steal from others, and clutter the ocean floor with trash.

The book cover sums up the story this way: “Glugs are much trouble, with a capital T, 'cause they're causing commotion under the sea. If it's peace and harmony that she wants to bring, then it's all up to Kayla to go visit the Glug King!” The Mermaid employs peaceful conflict resolution strategies - embodied by a kid-relatable chocolate milkshake party - to help the Glugs understand the error of their nasty, littering ways, and the story ends with friendship and sharing.

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