Silent Seven Technology™ Announces the Release of WeatherAI™

Silent Seven Technology™ develops an Artificial Intelligence powered iOS Weather app that focuses on you and your comfort.

Saint Louis, MO, December 04, 2017 --( Silent Seven Technology™ is pleased to announce the release of WeatherAI™, an artificial intelligence based weather application for iOS devices running iOS 11 or higher. This application uses a powerful artificial neural network to analyze the weather forecast and provide a simple colorized comfort scale to easily and quickly determine how you will feel outdoors.

There are many Weather Applications for the iOS ecosystem available already, but none focus specifically on you and how you will feel outdoors. They expect you to understand what all those weather variables mean and how they interact with each other. This application makes it super easy for anyone to quickly see which days will be the best days for outdoor activities in the near future.

James Morrow, Jr, Founder of Silent Seven Technology™, commented:

“If you want to get outdoors and do stuff, you probably want to know what the weather will have in store for you. But knowing the temperature alone doesn’t tell the whole story and trying to learn how all the other non-linear weather variables interact can be quite complex. WeatherAI™ takes this very complex subject and makes it simple and personalized.”

Ever wonder why 80° F can feel so miserable in your neighborhood, but feel fantastic at the beach? Knowing if the forecast includes great outdoor days requires much more knowledge than the temperature alone. Maybe you want to plan a run, a bike ride, or a hike, or just want to know if Thursday will be a better day to mow your lawn instead of Saturday.

WeatherAI™ uses an Artificial Neural Network to analyze the forecast right on your device and determine how close the weather will come to “The Best Day Ever.” By using a simple color scale, WeatherAI™ lets you see at a glance which days in the near future are likely to be the most comfortable days for outdoor activities. Since the weather can change rapidly, be sure to check WeatherAI™ often.

With WeatherAI™ you can experience the beneficial power of having Artificial Intelligence right on your mobile device, working with you to help plan your outdoor activities. This very unique solution provides the best experience for users who love the outdoors and like to plan activities based on how comfortable they will be in the outdoors. Download it today and start experiencing for yourself how simple and valuable this app can be.

WeatherAI™ is available now on the App Store for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices. (

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